Thursday, February 20, 2020

Barbados Revellers Not Expected To Reflect Saint Lucia Carnival Lewdness

Chief executive officer of the Barbados Hotel & Tourism Association, Senator Rudy Grant has expressed the view that Crop Over revellers were usually well behaved on the road and he had no fear that nudity would be a cause for concern, local reports say.

Grant spoke in the aftermath of expressions of concern in Saint Lucia about lewdness during the recent Carnival celebrations.

While declaring the event a success, organisers of the Saint Lucian ‘Mas asserted that the debauchery exhibited by some revellers was ‘unacceptable’.

Barbados Today quoted the Chief Executive Officer of the Barbados Hotel & Tourism Association as telling  reporters  that while concerns had been raised in the past regarding skimpy costumes, nudity was not normally a problem in Barbados.

 “I certainly haven’t heard or had reference with me any issues of nudity in Barbados,” Grant stated.

“I know over the years persons have commented at times about the type of costumes that some persons wear, but certainly the issue of nudity is not one as far as I am aware that has been an issue that has been of national concern,” Barbados Today quoted Grant as saying.

“Of course we would expect that persons enjoying themselves on Kadooment Day would do so in a manner that adheres to the law and would do so in a manner that is respectful, but would still allow them to have a wonderful time, but I don’t believe that is an issue in Barbados at this time.”



  1. I work in the tourist industry and had more than one comment from tourists that carnival was “a bit much” and that they didn’t or couldn’t stay long to watch (mostly because they were concerned what their children were seeing). Message to organisers, can we maybe work on redeeming ourselves next year? I think the costumes set the tone from the outset, just saying.

    • There is a bit of a challenge to that, the very core of our want to rave was for rebellious reasons..that day(carnival) was symbolic since slavery era. What youre now asking is for people to act uniform and cordial when they do that 363 other days of the year. People are not going to buy into any band whom demand or expect misbehavior, dancing which is out of the way to most.. but thats the point. Freeing-UP!

      To some extent there was too much innuendo knocking around but when you mix alcohol, good music and very pretty people, what do you expect?

      Observe the individuals getting on so, see if you ever see them in such a manner after said Carnival.
      The event is to break-free of the average..
      Keep that in mind.

      • Our society is not educated enough for such “breaking free” none of us alive today went through slavery or can identify with the hardships, so it’s not right to drink in the heads of our ancestors. Secondly our broken healthcare system cannot accommodate the increased number of accidents and the aftermath of the excessive alcohol consumption. Plain and simple carnival is bad for us. It’s best if we remove the heavy alcohol presence and rething the primitive vile lyrics of our music.

    • I agree, it’s shameful for me to stand next to visitors when the madness is in full swing. I feel embarrassed and ashamed that I may be classed with these people. His “cultural ” display is not conducive for a society that that wants to be taken seriously and advance. Forever savages. Whining your waist does not improve your quality of life or move you forward into the future.

    • Tourist do not set the tone for carnival. If they’re uncomfortable then don’t come. Carnival is our tradition. It’s not about making outsiders comfortable.

  2. “Costumes”? What “costumes”? Most carnival revellers in the Caribbean wear “uniforms” – not costumes!! As for the “lewd behaviour” in the St Lucia carnival, see how only a handful of people can bring down a nation? Honestly!

  3. thats not cultural you lucians are jus a salop bunch. man or woman, u all take anything. thats why your nations youths are criminals with no direction. wherever u work, i dont care. but if i see your cat spread all over the place on carnival day and i meet u at the work place some other time, just recall, there is no way i can get to look at you the same way again. same thing for the men with their big belly and their little things hanging below. i dont care what suit u wear next time i see you, that belly and and everything else is a side of you that i already see. you mess up your professionalism right there. these are things that u people must bear in mind when u all decide that you need to be salop. lucians embrace bulling before anyone else in the caribbean. bajans have been nasty like that from times. but lucians now into this big time. boy i dont even want people to know i from here now. with crime and all that i mention, shame is too little a word.

    • Well go and live in a country where there is no crime, no drama, no nastiness, change your citizenship whilst you at it, not just throuh marriage but through naturalization. I feel like most times we have nothing really to say, carnival is everywhere, skimpiness everywhere. Why compare! In his day and age who expects St. Lucia to remain the same? The same persons you may call unprofession may be the same that may help you along the way, probably wipe your ass too. Choops tun. Study your life and not what people do wih themselves because no one is perfect, i am sure you are not. I do not partake in the event, but i would say that you are more nasty than those on the road faunting it.

  4. Next time I need the police to arrest all the people who were Nude. If they wee arrested every country would know it was not St. Lucian doing this. Don’t tell me they are not St. Lucian the are visitors. Their country will have to take the blame and not St. Lucia.

  5. Couldn’t believe what I witnessed at that carnival fiasco. Chimps running around dry humping any leg that stood still long enough. You people are never going to climb out of third world status. Evolution has escaped you. Try to catch up!

    • Thank you sir/mam. Well said. Still swinging from the trees down here and no one seems to want to call it out for what it is.

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