Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Barbados: Six Visitors, Four Residents Hurt As Man Goes On Rampage

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A man was arrested and ten people were injured after a bizarre rampage in Worthing, Christ Church, Wednesday morning.

Police said that around 10:15, they received reports that a man who was acting strangely had assaulted an individual while at a business.

They later received several other reports of more people being attacked by a man matching his description.

In all, six visitors and four residents were hurt, either by scissors in some cases or by being punched in the barrage of assaults, police said.

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An eyewitness described the assailant as “bareback, hair flying and [wearing]  short pants”.

Darren Franklyn was on his way to work when he saw the melee.

He told Barbados TODAY: “I saw a guy to the bottom of the gap, stooping down next to his bicycle, so I thought he had [fallen] down, but not until I got to work I saw from fellows here at my workplace running around looking for a guy that just stabbed and robbed somebody.

“It was a big commotion out here; they run through the property. It was a bit chaotic for everybody because everybody came out, it was not a usual thing you see out here… it was frantic.”

Six people were treated at various scenes by paramedics and discharged. Late in the evening, four were still being seen at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Their injuries are not life-threatening, medical personnel said.

Police have appealed for witnesses to the attack or unknown victims of the rampage to contact the Hastings/ Worthing Police Station at  430-7614/7615.

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