Barbados To Recruit Nurses From Ghana

Barbados Nation:– A six-member team will leave Barbados next month to start the recruitment of nurses in Ghana.

But before that happens, every effort is being made to ensure that all of the registered nurses and nursing aides here at home who have applied to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) and general health services will be given the opportunity to be seen, interviewed and hired.

Minister of Health and Wellness Jeffrey Bostic made the announcement today during Government’s post-Cabinet press briefing at Government Headquarters, Bay Street, St Michael.

Bostic said some of these health professionals have already been hired and about 20 more are going through the process.

Meanwhile, the six-member team will comprise the chairman of the Board of the QEH, a second board member who is a representative of the Council of Trade Unions and Staff Associations of Barbados, the director of nursing and the director of human resources.

The Chief Nursing Officer in the Ministry Health and a representative from the Barbados Council will round out the delegation.

They will travel from August 13 to 26.

An assessment will be made of Ghana’s system and certification, followed by registration and recruitment.

Last month, Ghana’s president Nana Akufo-Addo made an official visit to Barbados and offered the services of up to 400 nurses to address the shortage here.

Bostic said he was also pleased with the operation of the 24-hour polyclinic at Winston Scott Polyclinic.


    • Our Caribbean Nurses are finest in high demand that why Barbados Jamaica Grand Cayman have to be importing nurses from Cuba and India I was reading and article in the Jamaican Gleaner where it stated recruiters from over seas where actually coming to the nursing schools in Jamaica to recruit nurses just before graduation. Gone are the days when people were proud to do civic service for their country not what your country can do for you crap but what you can do for your country is out the window these days everybody wants money.

  1. This barbados PM is day by day starting to look more like an imbecile (stupid person). This woman is way out of her depth. Who voted in this fraud?? Taking nurses from Ghana? whose bright idea was this? Does the woman know that the average life span in Africa is about 50 years?? What training do Ghanaians have that CARICOM nurses don’t? I guess excellency in lack of hygiene to name a few. Tell the Ghanian PM that his very large continent need NURSES and DOCTORS more than we do down here. Soon the whole of Africa will want to move with them too. remember we are the survivors of those very people your ancestors sold to the white man for glass beads and tin cups. Bajans the quicker you all get this woman out of power, the less I get to hear of her stupidity. so come on man! just vote her out!

  2. When Ebola occurred in west Africa it was Ghana Nurses who help to combat the disease since the central command for WHO center was in Ghana

  3. That’s the best place for them to go. Barbadians are xenophobic , in no time they will be back in Ghana.

  4. The young people these days are not serious with there education ……they can always migrate to england Canada and america……and technology are preventing them from learning. ..I remember they used to come to st.vincent for nurses and teachers

  5. When our PM and few others went to Trump they all jump high and low saying we go against caricom and create division. Now they going Ghana to get nurses while we can sure give a few who can’t get work here. They forget caricom nurses now or they just doing what’s best for them at the time. None wrong with that same like when we take our own decision for ourselves

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