Baron Foods Enters Russian Market

Press Release:–  On the quest of maintaining its company vision in creating a world-renowned brand; inspired by the Caribbean, the team at Baron Foods (St. Lucia) Limited are extremely proud to announce its entry into the largest country in the world, Russia.

With its territory occupying one-ninth of the world’s land surface area, Russia extends over 11 time zones covering the whole of northern Asia and Part of Europe.

The population of Russia currently stands at 142 million, out of which 10 million people reside in its capital city Moscow; which will be the main distribution hub for Baron Products.

Over the last five years, Baron Foods has been the proud recipient of numerous International Quality Awards varying from the International Taste Institute’s Superior Taste Award to most recently 2 Monde Selection Quality Awards.

To Date, the company has safely secured a healthy business relationship with a Russian Company whom has shown great interest and supported the Baron Brand in the Russian market where initial product awareness has already been done with the launching of an online store, and social media pages.

Based on the response of the Russian market, two full container load orders have already been received, with the first shipment fulfilled and set sailed in the last week of September and the second order in the upcoming weeks.

From the range of over 150 products; their orders consisted of Hot-Sauces, Condiments, Marinades, Salad Dressings, Specialty and Gourmet Sauces.


  1. That’s a big sweet moment with all this and they pay one of the lowest salaries to the workers sad indeed. I hope they pay thw workers better

  2. Lets also hope that you pay our farmers a bit more for helping you with your bussines and succes.

  3. Great news! But please give the workers a better salary. I just couldn’t believe it when I learnt of the meagre salary this company pays its employees.

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