Thursday, August 18, 2022

BCF Concerned Over The Number Of Inmates Returning After Release

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Director of Corrections Hilary Herman has described the reintegration of inmates into society after serving their time as the the ‘missing link’ at the Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF).

“The reintegration piece which is the missing link in our Bordelais Correctional Facility – that doesn’t exist,” Herman disclosed during an interview broadcast this week by the National Television Network (NTN).

“And where it shows itself is when we have forty-seven individuals returning to the facility between March 26th and July 30th. With forty-seven individuals returning to the facility, which means that they have been to Bordelais at least twice,” he explained.

Herman said in not preparing inmates for the world outside, there’s no support system to help them and no guidance.

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As a result, he asserted, the chances are that the cycle of imprisonment will continue.

In this regard, he explained that groups such as Back On Track Inc, a non-government organisation conducting a prison ministry to readjust inmates, could be instrumental in reintegration.

Herman also said another of the BCF’s needs is inmate assessment.

“That right now we do not have and that’s a barrier. We need to assess the inmates,” he stated, adding that the institution desperately needs a Psychologist.

The Director of Corrections indicated that if the BCF cannot make inmate assessments, no accurate picture of sentence management would emerge.

“The inmate should be assessed at day one and from the very day he comes into our institution, his sentence should be managed until the day he leaves,” Herman stated.

He said the absence of that process was also a missing link.

The current population at BCF is 514. 190 are Male Sentenced and 304 are Male Remand. Six are Male Juveniles, 4 are female sentenced and 10 are female Remand inmates.

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  1. When you have a prison with only corrupt officers from head to bottom what will you expect?
    The male officers want to interfere with all the females, they are even trying to seduce applicants by telling them they can have them to get an officers position if only……..ask Albert if that is not true.


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