Wednesday, August 17, 2022

BCF Denies ‘Red Alerts’ After Inmate Hurt In Attack, Says Institution Operating Normally

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Prison authorities say that St Jude Hospital has discharged an inmate who sustained non-life-threatening injuries in an incident at the Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF). And they have declared that there are no ‘red alerts’ at the institution.

The BCF said the injured inmate is now in an individual cell.

“The facility is operating under normal conditions. There are no red alerts as have been reported in some media outlets and nothing that we can point to at this point in time that jeopardises the facility,” Deputy Director Leonard Terrance told MBC Prime.

He disclosed that on Wednesday after 11:00 am, there was an argument among three inmates over a football game during recreation time.

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Terrance disclosed that two inmates attempted to attack another, resulting in the aggressor sustaining a collarbone injury.

He said the injured prisoner was transported first to the BCF’s medical unit and later to St Jude Hospital.

The BCF official told MBC Prime that disagreements would not be unusual with 110 inmates operating in a small area.

However, he said the facility had separated the three involved in the brawl while an investigation continues to ensure no further disturbances regarding the matter that led to the confrontation.

He asserted that the situation was not severe enough to warrant a unit lockdown or cancel inmate recreation.

Terrance also explained that the BCF would determine its next course of action once the probe was complete.

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  1. Prisoners Have Cell phones in their Cell making Video Calls everyday .Keep on Denying that there’s no Red Alert When the Bomb explode at tbqt prison then you will know What time of the day it is Mr.Deputy Director

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