BCF denies security breach in inmate attack

Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF) has denied that security breaches led two inmates to attack another with a weapon at the prison Thursday morning.

The victim, who was unhurt,  was secured in his cell while the Special Operations Response Team (SORT) responded, it is reported.

A statement from BCF said that in the process of disarming the two aggressors, the duo attacked members of the SORT team.

The attackers, both said to be in their twenties, were eventually subdued after one of them was shot in the area of the upper shoulder.

He was treated by BCF medical personnel and returned to a cell.

Various other means – including negotiation, a shield and pepper spray, had  reportedly failed before a the SORT team discharged one round.

“I would not say there is a breach of security. You must understand that inmates are very innovative and anything you give them they will transform into weapons,” BCF Public Relations Officer, Kerwin Albert explained in response to assertions that the incident represented a serious security breach.

He said that because inmates are innovative, BCF officials conduct constant searches.

Earlier this month, over 200 contraband items, including 33 cell-made weapons,  were seized at the facility during a joint operation with the police .

Albert told the Times that after the 9:45 am incident Thursday morning, BCF officials conducted a thorough search of the maximum security unit during which four cell-made weapons were discovered, one of which measured some 16 inches long and  was used in the morning attack.

The incident is currently under investigation.

Albert said it came as a surprise because there have never been occurrences of that magnitude in which inmates have attacked officers forcing the officers a to eventually resort to the use of firearms after exhausting  all other means to subdue the inmates.

“Although the matter is under investigation, I believe it may have been a set up just to attack the staff,” he told the Times.


  1. A security breach is any incident that results in unauthorized access of data, applications, services, networks and/or devices by bypassing their underlying security mechanisms. … A security breach is also known as a security violation.

  2. One round of ammunition and the individual was struck in the shoulder. So he was almost killed them? What ever happened to a shot below the knee (or leg)

    • Because that is a no no pal. I do not know where you learn about this shoot below the knee business, but For all the right reasons one does not aim to the leg but the upper body. That is standard procedure. Yes in that way one is likely to die, but that is simply how it is.

  3. I guess we should call them SORTI (Special Operations Response Team Idiots). Or maybe SUTTI (Stupid Under Trained Temperamental Imbeciles)

  4. Didn’t know that BCF had their own medical personnel who could treat the trauma caused from a gunshot wound. Is the BCF Trauma Centre open to residents of Dennery, Praslin, Micoud and the environs?

  5. And i as an ex inmate will never believe that this is exactly what happened.aparently when things like this use to happen in the past there would be all kinds of watered down versions for the public to digest.remember,the first one to plead his case will seem right,until his neighbour comes and searches him out.

  6. If the inmates are so creative and innovative, BCF should harness these abilities for productive use. I am serious, so that these guys can be productive citizens of society both while in prison and when they come out. Let us make lemonade out of the lemons. God is good!!!

    • You wise for true that is what they should do, apply these creative talents for progressive things

  7. Shot in the shoulder! Too bad it wasn’t about 10 inches over and about 10 inches higher. Problem solved!

  8. Father please intervene this country n the criminal are getting out of control…. There’s no fear for death no respect for life …..what a very sad n unsafe place st.lucia has become…. Lord cover each n everyone one of our native ppl shield us with ur blood….

  9. Hey Anonymous…you said both right and wrong.the Country is not doing anything not one thing the Country can do.it’s we the people. ..we the people and instead of Country..try saying Island.it an Island with water all around it.

  10. But why are they allowed to carry live ammunition whatever happened to rubber bullets.st.lucia government is to quick to kill since when is judgement for simple crimes is death.the police love using their guns.lets put the guns down #handsupdontshoot #officerchastnetmademedoit

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