BCF Inmates Complain Of ‘Dog Life’, Issue Threat In New Video

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Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF) inmates complained that they are living a ‘real dog life’ in prison in a Facebook video.

The inmates live streamed the video on Facebook for nearly an hour, demanding justice and declaring there are ‘a lot of good guys in prison.’

They appealed to the authorities and the public to assist them with speedy trials and improved conditions.

And although they often repeated the refrain ‘No violence’, at one point an inmate sounded a warning to prison authorities.

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“You all want us to use resources and start killing officers?”

The inmates roved about the remand area, spotlighting conditions under which they live.

They also recorded prison staff, at one point slipping a mask off a male individual.

The disgruntled inmates declared that they are frustrated, concerned about the number of prisoners to a cell and dissatisfied with measures to contain an outbreak of COVID-19 at the BCF.

Director of Corrections, Hilary Herman, was aware of the video.

He told St Lucia Times that it is always a matter of concern when an inmate makes a threat on an officer’s life.

However he explained that officers were ‘way’ outnumbered during Tuesday’s live video stream.

“It was over 200 (inmates) to two officers,” Herman disclosed.

The Director of Corrections said based on their training, the officers knew that the right thing to do was not to challenge the inmates.

“I mean, the inmates are here, we could always correct the situation later,” Herman declared.

But he revealed that inmates threaten officers on a daily basis.

Nevertheless, Herman said officers have to take every threat seriously.

He said they also consider who makes it and the likelihood of the inmate carrying it out.

“It’s our job to make sure our officers are safe,” Herman told St Lucia Times.

“That’s what we will continue to do,” he said.

Herman said the BCF tailor shop manufactured most of the masks for inmates, who had issues with the material used.

As a result, he revealed that the BCF will now introduce disposable ones after inmates complained that they could not breathe properly while using the tailor shop ones.

Herman also revealed plans to change the hand sanitisers at the BCF from liquid to gel.

“Some people were actually drinking the liquid form,” he told St Lucia Times.

In addition, Herman addressed the issue of inmate access to mobile telephones.

He said contraband mobile phones are a problem in all prisons.

Herman recalled that in the past year officers confiscated several hundred of them.

However, he noted that where there’s a demand, someone will supply them.

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