BCF: No legal provision for conjugal visits

Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF) has said that there are no provisions in the law to allow conjugal visits at the institution.

Jamaica recently announced plans for conjugal visits in prison.

A conjugal visit  is defined as a scheduled period in which an inmate is permitted to spend several hours or days in private with a visitor, usually their legal spouse, during which  time they may engage in sexual activity.

The visits are intended to, among other things,  preserve family bonds and increase the chances of success for a prisoner’s eventual return to life after release.

However BCF Public Relations Officer, Kerwin Albert, told the Times in an interview that such visits are not allowed at the prison here.

“We do what is provided for by the law which is a normal social visit,” Albert explained.

He disclosed that there are also professional visits to inmates by Probation Officers and lawyers.

“We have not been directed by law to do any conjugal visits,” the BCF official stated.

He said such a matter would lie within the purview of the policy makers who are the ones directing what can be done at the BCF.

Albert told the Times that during social visits, inmates are allowed a minimum of thirty minutes to  associate with visitors.

He said that under certain circumstances, the visitation period may be extended.

“If I may give an example – we have a dying relative; we have a relative who is overseas – all that is part of the rehabilitation process; we allow them to socialise. If there is a case where we have kids – if there is an inmate and he is incarcerated, probably the time he was incarcerated the girlfriend or wife was pregnant and the baby is born – we extend the visit,” Albert told the Times.

He stated that the visit occurs in the presence of  a Correctional Officer but out of earshot of the officer.

According to him, before new Prison Director, Vern Guard took over in 2015 there were mostly non-contact visits where inmates were required to communicate with visitors from behind a glass.

Alfred explained that a change was made so that currently some ninety-nine percent of the visits are ‘contact’ visits, except in cases where inmates are violent.

He said contact visits mean that the inmate and the visitors are not separated by any barrier but are seated at a table.

“We would probably permit a hug, but nothing beyond that,” the BCF official told the Times.

“Both the inmate and the visitors are searched thoroughly,” he disclosed.

BCF currently houses 525 inmates, 8 of whom are female.

There are provisions for 45 visits a day.






  1. Any prisoner who is going to be eventually released back into society should be allowed conjugal visits. Prison should be about reform and not to help create bigger better animals to then release on the law abiding.

    • Sorry if I offended any animals. It was not my intention because my dogs are animals and I would trust them more than some people out there.

  2. I would like to put in a proposal to operate a club within the BCF to facilitate conjugal visits. Meanwhile the male prisoners at BCF are busy ‘conjugating’ with each other.

  3. Saint Lucia too slow ……Any prisoner who is going to be eventually released back into society should be allowed conjugal visits. Prison should be about reform and not to help create bigger better animals to then release on the law abiding

  4. That’s why 9 out of 10 prisoners in the jail a bi -sexual…and that is just the truth…i know the moral people will not want to hear that…but once you enter that jail in st.lucia…there is a 99% u will get rape…

  5. This system exist in majority of developed countries even a few third world ones
    It is about time St lucia caught up

  6. Interesting topic. You’re in prison because you are convicted of a crime (assuming no legal shenanigans). You clearly demonstrated you cannot function in a society of laws and the rule of man. Why should you be given such privileges? You should be punished. Punished severely enough that you would loathe to repeat those crimes.

  7. That y crime will never stop because all what they can do is to make a money of the ghetto felle’s so right now there if you have sex in jail is crime when god put his rules there man to woman a king and a queen not king to king or queen to queen so when they finish they calling the fella’s buller so u see were bulling start from society and then telling u to stop crime so what about those who is married and they man in jail and what about those who was living with their families and stay with their man 7-8 years and even more than that and never beeing touch by a next man you’ll not seeing that the society is not for us and then they blaming it on the poor incidt fella’s who grow up with no mummy and daddy and sometime
    No one to talk to them not even the portion and them I use to live like some people that will get every thing I want but then i go in the ghetto and live just to see how they life is and boy I tell u they have hope to do something but no help with the government and people that around them so the only choice that they have is to go jail and cool out they hard all what they try to do is the police And bad boys coming and rubb them all what they have plus people flight them down no matter what their do even us to everything now is a crime (from the heart of the ghettos)

  8. ridiculous suggestion. jail ought to be a punishment. and a deterrent. if the threat of being bulled deterred some from committing crimes we will never know because they made sure they stayed crime free to prevent themselves from being bulled. let them bull them. u man enough to kill and do all nonsense to go to prison, then take your small and big rod in prison. i not sorry. when u young men committing endless crime and murder, dont forget they waiting for your backside at bordelais. i say let them be bulled in prison and no conjugal visit.

  9. I love the idea. It’s about the time together. And when it started, it was still some form of slavery for black men – give them women, they will work better. But it’s about time together.

    How often can the visits be allowed for kids to spend time with their dads and for wives to get their freak on? Now, who determines what lengths and levels of freakiness are allowed in this 50 Shades of Grey era?

    Everyone has rights. So, how come Tom is married and he gets visits with his wife who wants little to do with him, but Harry cannot have visits with his boyfriend he met online a month before he entered prison? So those with the doll wives, will the dolls be allowed to visit? Those who can only perform in public places, and with trees, will that be allowed or do they have to stay in the room prepared for such a purpose? Where will the love cove be? Would love to be on that committee. Do we have structures in place for this?

    Many people, I am included, like things people have without considering the trouble they have with it. Why isn’t it a feature of federal prisons in the USA? Why are states cancelling it? Saint Lucia bad so to handle visitors helping their friends escape? Should we attempt to enter into this ‘conjugal visitation’ in a new era, the implementation process will be different from that of earlier tiles which did not have to consider modern family structures and sexualities. We have a lot of needs here to consider.

    We all know it will start with the best intentions but pretty soon, some fried brained will mess it up. Some people will lie and say is their bother, or their son. Some people will bear more kids instead of protecting themselves.

    I love the idea. It’s about time together. We don’t have to try to keep families together out of prison – we need to keep them together in prison. Right on!

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