BCF Official Supports Electronic Monitoring For Low-Risk Offenders

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The Deputy Director at Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF) Leonard Terrance, supports electronic monitoring of low-risk offenders to reduce the prison population of some 500 currently.

“I am in total support of electronic monitoring of persons who are considered low-risk or persons who need to be monitored for a specific reason,” the BCF official told St Lucia Times.

He explained that long before the COVID pandemic, he had advocated electronic monitoring as an alternative to incarceration.

And Terrance asserted that amid the current pandemic, the measure has become even more significant as an alternative.

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“The only way you can reduce the spread of COVID is through less interaction with individuals in prison,” Terrance explained.

“Especially in our prison with almost 500 inmates, there will be a certain level of interaction, and if there is one case of COVID, the chance of that spreading throughout the general population is very high,” he stated.

According to the BCF official, the remand population at the institution is significant.

The facility houses 372 remand inmates compared to 127 in the penal population.

Director of Public Prosecutions, Daasrean Greene recently described the situation as a cause for great concern.

Deputy BCF Director  Leonard Terrance disclosed that some individuals are in prison for offences considered minor.

As a result, Terrance expressed that the situation provides an opportunity to seek alternatives to incarceration, especially during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

He said he fully supports electronic monitoring and revealed that he and the Director of Probation Services had an opportunity to see how to use, implement and manage the system for people who have run afoul of the law.

And he suggested that electronic monitoring could also help keep track of people with dementia and individuals who have a mental illness.



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  1. I believe it is a firm step toward the age we a currently living in with the technology worldwide i believe that this man has spoken right . I applaud you mr deputy

  2. The SORT officers fooled the Director of corruptions. They are carrying tales on one another just to get promotions, but they are more corrupt.

  3. He should be the first to put that electronic monitoring device , half of these clowns in law enforcement corrupt anyways

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