BCF remote surveillance system praised

Press Release:–  The Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF) has been drawing much commendation from international and regional security bodies such as INTERPOL and CariSECURE, for the exceptional modern video surveillance system which has been installed within the 15 year old correctional facility.

Born out of a concept that was led by outgoing BCF Director Mr. Verne Garde and fully state funded, the prison now boasts of a robust, high-tech camera surveillance system which had been implemented in phases from 2017 to present.

During a presentation to the Acting Permanent Secretary in the Department of Home Affairs and National Security Mrs. Elizabeth Bailey and senior correctional officers on Wednesday, June 27, Mr. Garde explained that the surveillance system is essential to mitigating a number of internal or external threats.

“Advancements in video surveillance technology are enabling secured facilities to provide more sophisticated monitoring and a heightened level of safety for both inmates and correctional officers. The system has the means to generate evidence based information. This is a first and it is a significant step when you have large numbers of people to manage efficiently”.

After a detailed presentation of the functions of the system and its integration with the Correctional Service Management System implemented at the BCF, the Acting Permanent Secretary Mrs. Bailey shared her impressions.

“We at the Department of Home Affairs and National Security find the video surveillance system quite remarkable; more so it integrates and enhances the Correctional Service Management System as well. This system uses some outstanding applications in Human Resource Management. We really want to commend the outgoing Director Mr. Verne Garde for his tenacity and creativity in ensuring this project came into fruition”.

Mr. Garde envisions that the project, which is now in the phase of monitoring and evaluation, can be eventually replicated within the Public Service of Saint Lucia