BCF Reports a 46 Percent Recidivism Rate for Recent Admissions

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Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF) has reported a recidivism rate of 46 percent for 97 inmates admitted to the facility from July 29 to December 10 this year.

Recidivism relates to acts that result in re-arrest, reconviction or return to prison.

The BCF’s latest report presented earlier this month to the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court said that the 97 individuals admitted comprised 91 remand and 6 penal inmates.

Ninety-five were male, along with two females.

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According to the BCF report, 51 percent of the admissions were first offenders.

The age group 26 to 35 comprised the largest group entering the correctional facility, accounting for 38 admissions.

Those aged 46 and over were the smallest group, numbering 8.

Firearm possession topped the list of serious offences, followed by stealing and related offences.

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