Saturday, February 22, 2020

Beausejour Community Undertakes Needed Road Repairs

Press Release:– The Beausejour Community Group, along with residents of Beausejour Phase 1 and the Beausejour Mini Bus Drivers came together and contributed money, purchased cement and ready mix, supplied water and transportation to repair the roads in Beausejour Phase 1 today Sunday 26th May 2019.

The roads in Beausejour Phase 1 had been in a deplorable condition for some time, to the extent that the Beausejour Bus drivers frequently refused to carry passengers into Phase 1.

The previous week, the Community group, along with residents of Beausejour Phase 2 came together and repaired huge potholes at the entrance to Daren Sammy Drive.

Traditionally the Ministry of Infrastructure has repaired the Beausejour Main Road and Bella Rosa roads before major Cricket events at the Daren Sammy Cricket Grounds, and have neglected the other areas of Beausejour.

Although it was announced in the recent budget address that an allocation was made for the repair of the Beausejour roads, the residents felt the need to take matters into their own hands as they were not sure as to when the promised road works would be implemented.

It is hoped that when the funds are available, a more comprehensive, thorough and long term solution will be implemented by the Ministry of Infrastructure for Beausejour.

The Parliamentary Representative for Gros Islet had recently participated in a Fun Walk organized by the Beausejour Community Group and walked with residents along the route throughout the various sections of Beausejour.

At that time, he was able to view the extent of the damage to the roads in Beausejour.

In addressing the residents who participated in the walk, he noted that he had seen the extent of the damage to the roads and promised that he would be doing something to address it very soon.  It is hoped that the Minister  keeps his promise to the residents.

The Beausejour Community Group (BCG) is a friendly, non-political association of residents within the community of Beausejour Gros-Islet comprising Beausejour Phase1, Beausejour Phase 2, Beausejour Main Road, Acacia Heights, Modeste Development, Beausejour Gardens and Esperance.

The Mission of the BCG is to foster community development, assisting in crime prevention, engendering greater community spirit and to help improve the general quality of life of residents of Beausejour Gros-Islet through advocacy, participation and education.  The motto of the BCG is “Progress In Unity”.

The group believes that many of the social problems faced in society can be solved if they are tackled at the community level.

The group advocates self-help and acts as a liason between the community, other social and corporate partners, including Government and NGOs.

For the repair of the road works, the community group asked each resident to contribute $5.00 towards the purchase of cement and ready mix.

By keeping the cost at a minimum and spreading it among the residents, the group was able to raise the necessary funds without having to beg sponsors or burden any one person in the community.

There was overwhelming support for the activity and residents went above and beyond the requested amount, even donating bags of cement and ready mix.

Bravo to team Beausejour. Wonderful community spirit.


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