Friday, December 13, 2019

Beausejour Residents Undertake Koudmen Activity

Press Release:-  On Sunday June 9th, 2019, the residents of Beausejour once again demonstrated the power of Koudmen.

Koudmen, as described by  historian Dr Lennox Honychurch, is a Creole word that originated from the French term ‘a coupe de main’.

By coming together to tackle the deplorable condition of the roads in Beausejour Phase 2, they gave testimony to Honeychurh’s words when he described Koudmen as the “Social Glue that kept communities together” (DA Vibes, 2019).

After-all, this is how our grandparents did it. Persons who was disadvantaged, had limited resources and were unable to undertake major projects as individuals,  could do so when the community came together.  When persons collaborated,  devoted time, effort, skills or simply gave moral support, the quality of life was positively impacted.

Through self help, with Koudmen, no one was left behind – persons got to build houses, construct roads, plant gardens, sent children to school. or even got food to eat.

Koudmen is a dying and much needed aspect of our social development, if we are to survive the challenges of our ‘developing’ society which is becoming more anti-social with all our social media tools which connect us online in virtual communities, but disconnect us from outside in our real communities  where face to face contact and direct social interaction is necessary.

The Beausejour Community Group, teamed up with the residents of Phase 2, the Beausejour minibus drivers and other corporate entities to repair the potholes in Darren Sammy Drive.
Residents in Beausejour Phase 2 (like their counterparts in Phase 1 did two weeks ago) came together and contributed at least $5.00 per person towards the purchase of cement and ready-mix.

The objective of the activity was more than just that of road repairs, but it was used as an opportunity to build friendships and to encourage social interaction among residents.


  1. It’s about time,.
    Why the rest of the communities do the same, and stop blaming the government’s for the same roads They destroy with their Vehicles..
    My lucian’s friends stop blaming and depending our Government’s..*****

    • Because people pay f’ing road tax you [email protected]$$. And PAYE. And VAT. And import import duty. No reason why they should have to then pay to fix the roads when they are already paying government to do it. It is idiots like you that let politicians off the hook for everything.

      • Completely agree with you a 100% Economist. Clearly Allison Charles is ignorant and uneducated about the reasons St.Lucians pay Taxes etc. I’m surprised she hasn’t said we should start curing ourselves of illnesses because the government shouldn’t have to provide us with proper hospitals and healthcare as well.

      • If the residents were being coerced/forced to contribute funds that would be one thing. But they’re doing this voluntarily and that’s a different matter altogether. If you wait for politicians to do everything, when the Messiah returns, you may still be waiting. Btw, please clean up your foul language as your Father heareth/seeth all.

      • The people you buy your property from, they are responsible for repairing your roads. Please don’t let them get off the hook. We pay PAYE and VAT and road taxes, and the government give those developers more than 1 million dollars in incentives. Why can’t the developers pay to fix the roads.

    • So Allison- Government does not have vehicles passing on those roads as well? Anyways, the Economist has already put your ignorant- a$& on blast for the mazhee your mouth has just farted there! You political slave! And NO–i am not your Lucian friend! + go back to your government leaders and tell them that this community initiative is a sign that they all will be replaced sooner or later by WE the people!!!

      Bye Felicia!

  2. Good initiative but it doesnt mean the Government gets off the hook. What are doing with our taxes ?

  3. While i agree to help ourselves; where dose our tax money go, St. Lucia have about 100000 cars rolling on our roads, where dose our tax money go? If so, take off the tax, vat etc. on vehicles, and we will maintain the roads!

    • With 100,000 vehicles on the road with a conservative average road tax of $200 per vehicle, that’s $20 million a year the Government collects. Why are the roads so deplorable?

  4. There are so many Allison’s out there and the government knows that. This explains a lot about the mentality of some people out there defending the indefensible. I do not blame the people for taking matters into their own hands. They do know the cost of repairs to their vehicles, which we all know is not the cost of peanuts.

  5. For the Economist to write this distasteful comment indicates that he must be teaching a course called Extreme Ignorance”. Hope u are the only one in that class.

    • You moron. Imagine if this work causes damage to someone’s vehicle. Or let’s say leads to a sinkhole and takes someone’s house. Who do you think is liable?

  6. The minister is just being vindictive. She has BANNED ALL travelling. There is absolutely no reason for that. The minister is micro-managing her department’s. Permanent Secretaries’ hands are tied. She even dictates to managers of Statutory Authorities, a role that should be done by the Chairman of the Board. The minister is known as the Flying Minister, she is out of state every single month instead of addressing issues at home. Most if the travel she undertakes should really be done by the technocrats in her ministry. The Prime Minister has NO CONTROL over her.

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