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Updated on May 31, 2020 9:23 pm
Updated on May 31, 2020 9:23 pm
Updated on May 31, 2020 9:23 pm

Belrose Defends Spending On Independence Activities

Minister in the Ministry of Tourism, Information and Broadcasting, Culture and Creative Industries with responsibility for Culture and Creative Industries, Fortuna Belrose, has disclosed that  about $EC 3 million was budgeted for independence.

But she has defended spending on the observance.

“Remember, the events go on for the entire year so we have not seen the end of independence,” Belrose told reporters Monday.

She explained that the three million dollars will be for the entire year.

“We have had the celebration of the 40th but other events are to happen,” she stated.

According to the Minister, a major event slated this year is a monument outside the government buildings that will depict the theme ‘All In’.

Responding to public concern over the money spent on fireworks, Belrose declared that fireworks are not cheap.

“The type of fireworks that we did, did cost money. But you know, we’re only going to be forty once in our lifetime,” she said.

“I don’t think we should seek to quantity it in terms of the money. I think what we wanted was the experience and the fact that it has added so much value and connectivity for our people. I think that to me is much more than any amount of money can measure,” Belrose declared.

She added that a local provider was involved.

In response to concerns about other initiatives that needed financial outlays such as health, Belrose asserted that the good thing about the government is that it plans ahead.

“We planned for independence 40; we’re planning for the hospital; we’re planning for the airport – we’re planning for all the projects that you see will unfold over the next few months.  So remember too, initiatives around patriotism should not be quantified in terms of the money.”

“I think we should be happy and for me as a Saint Lucian citizen, I was just happy with what I saw in terms of a response by Saint Lucians to the whole fireworks display. I think that lifted all of us as a citizenry and there is no amount of money that can compensate ,” Belrose declared.

She asserted that the fireworks display did what it had to do for citizens by lifting their spirits and putting them in the right frame of mind going forward as a country.




  1. Diplomatic bull****…… half a million dollars on fireworks whilst ppl have to eat dry bread in this country and earn low ass wages. Nonsense-sucking my teeth, choops

    • Yes most people work security companies for 4:25 cents an hour and they work for 12 hours a day so they earn 51 dollars for 12 hours a day and they still have to get money for transportation on 51 dollars a day and they do not want the workers to join the Union the government and the labour department knows about it they have rasta working in the labour department there is exploitation going on in the country and when you are vocal and speak out you get victimized

      • Yes $51 a day and people still buy alcohol with that same money.
        No amount is to much to spend when drinking.
        The money spent buying alcohol can buy food and other necessities.

  2. If spending so much money on the celebration of this milestone. Why not do it properly. The huge flag which was raised from Hero´s park in Sans Souci, I believe is an indictment on us all there is nothing in this flag which is true to us. The assembling of the flag is poor as it can be seen that pieces of cloth were stitched together to get the size. The quality of the material is very poor as one can see Point Seraphine though it. The colour I have no clue as to where this colour came from as I know my national flag isn’t anywhere close to this disgraceful colour. If you need to spend this much on a celebration, let it be felt by ALL citizen and not a few chosen ones.

    • Speaking of that flag. When walking along the waterfront, stop in front NIC building and look toward that direction. You would see 3 different coloured flags in one view. Amazing.

  3. Lifted who exactly. I don’t mind the fireworks, but 500,000. Geez you people. 3 million for what was essentially a bachanal parade. Awa ee.

  4. I am not a patriot there is nothing to achieve in St Lucia only a few people have it good I work for a company where the staff are underpaid and have to take lunch on credit the female staff have to sell their bodies to make ends meet because the only work for 600 dollars a fortnight

  5. ,Miss Belrose you mean to say we created a flag,but we never created the law that implements it and legalizes it.We dont have a legal and fixed size of the flag,or how big the triangles inserted inside have to be.So we have nothing? so all the funny colours and shapes are valid ? What clowns you people are

  6. Winston I presume you are talking about SS,and two others at least with that ridiculos slave salary of EC600 per fortnight .But none of the two parties has ever made an atempt to fix this,because our politicians are bussines men,and they put that before the needs of our people.We need to come out and fix all these politicians,teach them a leson in our community meetings,

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