Thursday, August 18, 2022

Belrose Says Many Saint Lucians Fell For SLP’s Corruption Claims

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The Interim Deputy Chairperson of the opposition United Workers Party (UWP) believes that many Saint Lucians fell for the Saint Lucia Labour Party’s corruption claims in the last general elections.

Fortuna Belrose spoke Wednesday night during the DBS Television programme – Newsmaker Live.

“I think when you look at the sentiments of the Saint Lucia public – the way the lies and deceit and the attacks on corruption came, a lot of Saint Lucians fell for it,” Belrose told programme Host Timothy Poleon.

“Only today I was coming down into town and somebody said to me – boy it’s only now they’re beginning to see the light because people are getting smarter and understanding what transpired,” the former government Minister stated.

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However, she acknowledged that her party did not do enough to debunk the SLP’s claims, instead focusing on the UWP work programme to a large extent.

Belrose indicated that the UWP worked while some ‘good talkers’ on the sidelines criticised and accused. 

But she explained that the UWP did not take time to debunk many of the accusations and did not engage in enough public relations.

“Our voices were not loud and clear,” she declared, adding that the SLP came with ‘a very powerful force’ and message and people were ‘gullible’.

“We do have the information as to what caused us to lose,” she told Newsmaker Live, adding that a team of local consultants had prepared a report on the matter, and she was privy to some information.

Belrose believed that the UWP was doing the right thing in trying to reorganise after the July 26, 2021, election defeat.

In this regard, she said the party hoped its convention would take place this year or early next year.

Belrose praised Allen Chastanet’s work as Prime Minister, describing him as a man with a vision and a plan.

She said the UWP leader had convinced his team that he could move Saint Lucia forward.

“In the United Workers Party we have no difficulty supporting Mr. Allen Chastanet,” she stated.

“If we have a convention and somebody else emerges and the majority decide they want somebody else, I think the party is open,” the former Minister explained.

In this regard, she recalled that Chastanet had publicly made it clear that he would accept whatever decision the UWP made.

“So let’s not fight about that. That’s not an issue,” Belrose stated.


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  1. I was not fooled one bit. I still believe that buco money was pocketed by the last administration. I also believe that all the politicians regardless of party are in the same game and covering up for each other. People should demonstrate by not showing up on Election Day until a new crop of politicians are on the ballot. The corruption begins with the politicians and end with their supporters. This is a very corrupt country anyhow you look at it, whether from a red or yellow angle. The politicians know exactly how to cover their tracks. Chas paid in advance over twice as much as Barbados for the same vaccines and up to today, nothing has been said about it.

  2. Shameless Belrose! You have all your right to say what you have said, since none of your colleagues have gotten or will ever get arrested. You really think we are still stupid and illiterate. Every project in Saint Lucia costs several millions over the actual cost. This is to facilitate payment of the famous kickback. This is how the bulk of the state’s money was and is being syphoned. Tell me this is not corruption when a contractor has to pay in cash several thousands before a contract is awarded. You want to know how I know – a family member of mine benefited from some of these contracts.

  3. Even their own supporters are off licking their wounds because they too, felt used and kicked to curb. They fell for the same old party rhetoric, the elite inner circle using the little people to come out and do the dirty work. Many who put their necks on the line, who were in the forefront of the fight have been left wounded by the wayside and those who never showed face or even put a foot forward have been sitting at the High table eating sumptuously whilst the real fighters have been forgotten.

  4. Even now there are clowns like Desmond Haynes claiming to be making an intelligent contribution to a conversation, but so poorly informed about things. He is one of the gullible who swallowed everything the liars offered hook, line and sinker. But ask him to prove his corruption claims? I am 71 years old and all I can say is that in my lifetime, I have seen the UWP consistently take St Lucia forward and the SLP consistently take it backwards.

  5. Well said my brother or sister. That’s our only solution until something of better substance comes into the ring.

  6. Every election cycle the opposition accuses the incumbents of corruption. Nothing ever comes of it. No Belrose, we know how this game is played. Either all of you are corrupt or none of you are. Because by now some charge would’ve stuck. Or perhaps neither party is interested in actually uncovering corruption because you both are guilty.

    We weren’t duped. We wanted you out. The same way next cycle we will vote SLP out. We will keep voting out until y’all do right by the people who put y’all in.

  7. I can’t even disagree with her, I feel deceived.
    Majority of the accusations were not even true and this thing of “when we are in power we will not tolerate this” NEVER happened.

    I do not like chas, but how can I continue to hate on him when he’s actually trying, he had solutions for inflation while our pm tells us eat bananas. Before he said eat bananas he claimed he would handle it far better than chas… now it’s disappointing.. seeing all the promises he made are never coming to light.

    His recent speeches opened my eyes, constantly pointing fingers and even blaming his own people for their suffering.

    I hope he changes or at least steps up

  8. Belrose your party allow the SLP to succeed with the so called lies and accusations. A lot of damaging allegations and UWP just smiled. Your party bow to SLP. Your party should have taken these allegations much seriously and do something about it. Talk shows were hitting you with damaging allegations and you you allow it. Under the SLP I bet you these talk shows would have been shut down.

  9. Both parties are corrupted. I remember a certain person whose husband was designated her chauffeur. I also remember hearing a certain person promoting punishment of a constituency who made a mistake of voting for the opposition.

    A year has passed and that person is abruptly a moral authority. Never a dull moment in St. Lisi.

  10. SLP used lies about UWP and Mr. Chastnent as their political strategy … Too bad so many people were blinded and fooled and believed them
    I agree with @Truth Be Told. We need a new government and it’s not too late.
    #overturn SLP

  11. Belrose can UWP debunk the Pajoah letter, the 9 million dollars on the foundation of St. Judes,
    the Roseau water plant at Millet, the 3 million dollars spent on the Guesneau road, the 20 million dollars on the 1 mile of road in the north, the 600 million dollars borrowed, and no school, hospital, police station, or road was built. Debunk these, please.
    Allen can never be prime minister in St. Lucia again.

  12. She is so right!
    Unfortunately too many Saint Lucians were fooled by this deceitful, corrupt and power-hungry (aka money hungry) SLP government.
    Now Saint Lucians and the entire economy is reaping the hazardous effects of allowing these clowns to lead the country!
    We need a new government ASAP!!


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