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Belrose Says UWP Administration Has The Confidence Of The People

Government Minister, Fortuna Belrose, believes the United Workers Party (UWP) administration has the confidence of Saint Lucians.

Senator Belrose is Minister in the Ministry of Tourism, Information and Broadcasting, Culture and Creative Industries with responsibility for Culture and Creative Industries.

“We’ve got the confidence of the people now and we will continue to work with them to ensure that we deliver on everything that we had before elections are called by September next year,” she told reporters this week.

Belrose spoke against the backdrop of calls from the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) for the Allen Chastanet government to go to the polls.

On Saturday, June 6, 2010, the administration marked its fourth year in office.

Belrose hit out at persons whom she said deliberately try to derail the positive things in the society.

She said a perusal of the UWP’s election manifesto would show that the ruling party has achieved ‘quite a bit’.

“I think overall we have done well,” Belrose declared.

She expressed the view that in its initial stages a government does assessment.

“Within our first year the scoping, the assessing, understanding everything that is happening on the ground,” Belrose noted.

She told reporters it was one thing to sit in opposition and another dealing with the reality of running a government.

Belrose recalled that the UWP administration summoned the populace to be ‘all in’ with the government.

“Of course we’re at the point now where we are saying ‘Now is the time. Let’s do it together. We’ve been able to find all the monies for the capital projects that we want to implement and we are on a course to  ensure that we deliver that’,” the Minister observed.

Senator Belrose asserted that COVID-19 had caused the government to think a little more outside the box in delivering some of the projects.

She declared that she is quite happy with where the country is at present and with the response to COVID-19.

Belrose said the UWP administration will continue to work with the people to ensure Saint Lucia is elevated internationally, so that more people will want to come here and be part of ‘this wonderful country that we have.’

She dismissed as a ploy of the opposition labour party, criticism that the government is undertaking projects to ensure its re-election.

Belrose told reporters that the labour party is the one that does election projects very well.

On the other hand, she said that the UWP does projects that sustain people through a lifetime.

“When you look at the legacy of Sir John and what he built across the country – that is how you measure the United Workers Party. You don’t measure us by the ‘bounce and draw’ projects that you see around Saint Lucia – those are labour party projects,” Belrose stated.

She asserted that the UWP is concerned about longevity, sustainability and resilience.



  1. Never voted but I plan to vote you out. Not because SLP is any better, but they can’t be any worse.

    • I am not in the habit of commenting here as sometimes I find there are really unnecessary bitterness but today I must say this: Ms Belrose lost my respect totally when she sought to explain the PM’s colonialism with a conscience statement. Given the reality of colonialism, no whiteman should be allowed to make such a statement and get away with it. When a black women seeks to defend the statement, it becomes really insulting. As one who understands his people’s history I must conclude that Ms Belrose represents real houseslave mentality. Sad in 2020

  2. Please tell that clown Belrose that I would appreciate that she speak for her self and her family . I can speak for my own self . Belrose know that not even prime minister or members of her party will approve such statement .

  3. Melrose you have a mental disorder. Look around you. The amount of Insults that ALLEN and GUY have hurled at St.Lucians and you are talking nonsence. Go and hid your disrespectful face somewhere in the BUSH. You have no shame woman. You are Black with a White HEART.

  4. What confidence ? Belrose return the rest on the 3million dollars you were given for carnival , you said you would return . am only repeating your words . no confidence in you or your party .

  5. Forward ever backward never all these party hacks negativity gives us more courage to focus on the betterment of our country st.lucia miss Belrose stay focus love the confidence we must Pierre to his knees this guy has no foresight for st.Lucia so we must complete what we have started slp desperate folks

  6. Miss Belrose are you doing crack or didn’t you take your medication. Please just to remind you the UWP never have smart MPs they always select dums and dummies. Let’s not go any further , bunch of ideots.

  7. Can you stop using John Compton’s name when its convenient for your purposes. Because the current UWP policies are nothing like his

    • Realist, that’s the best statement here. This is not the party of the Sir John we knew. And we should not allow the name of this man who did so much for this country to be used by these worthless people.

  8. Perceived reality is not REALITY!!!! To bring up John Comptons name suggest that you have nothing of substance to say. Hoping that changing the subject would create the diversion needed to blunt all the negativity, incompetence and unfulfilled promises by your group. We see spending that has yet to materialize into anything tangible that people can see and be part of.
    Reality is not blindness and should have some level of substance and truth that people can see, live by and use. It’s not a figment of one’s imagination.

  9. Her head so empty it can’t even hold hair stupid woman house slave chas maybe does whip the n words behind close door not one could speak out against his trash policies y’all losing for sure

  10. I take pride in not ever being a party hack. But I must say I was turned off in 2016 by Kenny Anthony’s and his supporters gutter politics. Watching him in the house last week again making fun of someone, in this case Fedee, took me right back to 2016. You can argue intelligently without belittling people. One might actuallly listen to and respect you more.

    • LMAO…. Hmm what about the Prime Minister calling St.Lucians [email protected]$$$es and mendicants. Telling the VF residents you are only good at taking care of horses? Why is dont to put the same level of scrutiny on the UWP side huh? Stop trying this foolishness because you aren’t fooling anyone, we know which side you support.

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