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Updated on July 10, 2020 10:53 am
Updated on July 10, 2020 10:53 am
Updated on July 10, 2020 10:53 am

‘Betty’, Nadeige Granted Bail On Drugs Charges

Roberta Prudent also known as ‘Betty Clarke’ and Nadeige Suffren have both been granted bail on charges of possession of controlled drugs and possession of controlled drugs with intention to supply, police say.

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The bail sum was $50,000 each for the charge of possession and $55,000 each for possession with intention to supply or suitable surety.

“They were able to meet their bail,” according to a law enforcement official.

The two women appeared in court on Tuesday.

Both were arrested at Praslin last month after police reported finding 359.7 pounds of marijuana in a Suzuki Dzire.

The police said the vehicle had an ‘authentic’ pass from the National Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO).


  1. its amazing ppl like that can get to pay that amt of money wen ppl like me working so many years n cant even been living in that kind of money……secondly where does all that money go to benefit the country???

    oh boy its back to the streets for the thugs….

    some things will never change

  2. The persons Representing them in Court was Sitting in Court Before So they Must get Bail.The Most Corrupt Court Shitstem in The world is St.Lucia .That Case will never go through the Court Shitstem.The Ordinary Citizen would be Remanded at the prison( F******).

  3. its pays right $105,000 they got it to pay. or maybe a minister paid it for them they are people of influence

  4. Then she will be out pretending she is interested in saving the youth from the ghetto. Now she talking about being the voice for women in prison. Betty is misguided and psycho, and those helping her glorify crime is sadly encouraging her behavior.

    • Bo Peep you are so correct. False pretender. Calling people cobbling and witches what is she called now?

  5. The same Lawyers Representing them in Court used to be at the Courts before .They will always Committ Crime and Get away with it .The Judiciary Shitstem in St.Lucia is too Corrupt.Fuckery.These persons have Committed So much Crime only in St.Lucia they will Get away with it.

  6. Stop judging a book by its color …yourll need to watch urll back ground instread of making her look bad ….urll more need help

  7. You cannot bail yourself so we all know she didn’t pay her own bail. Wasn’t she the same one doing fundraising recently for her boyfriend who was in the bike accident? Anyway good riddance to bad rubbish.

  8. Bo Peep you killed me, so did Adel. Shelly, please enlighten us by providing the name of her companion. lol.

  9. We have a cartoon network justice system lol there is corruption on so many levels here.
    There is still know explanation as to how the NEMO pass was issued and under what grounds,let alone where the drugs was going and to who , isn’t there an investigation into who was the receiver of this drugs? What about where the bail money came from… come this information is never made public.
    I will bet this is the last time the public will ever here about this matter.
    Just like the many illegal firearms arrests you never know or here anything more lol.

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