Thursday, August 18, 2022

Biden Could Declare Climate Emergency – Kerry

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The US climate envoy, John Kerry, says President Joe Biden is considering announcing a climate emergency.

The move would give him additional powers to push his renewable energy agenda, which has been held up by lack of support in Congress.

Mr Kerry told the BBC it was “less than ideal” that Congress was not “full-throatedly” in favour.

But he said nobody was more committed than President Biden to replacing carbon-based energy.

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Mr Kerry also said recent Supreme Court rulings restricting the government’s environmental policies had not helped.

Climate change increases the risk of the hot, dry weather that is likely to fuel wildfires.

The world has already warmed by about 1.1C since the industrial era began and temperatures will keep rising unless governments around the world make steep cuts to emissions.

Tens of millions of people in the US, across more than two dozen states, have been living under heat warnings during the past week.

But Mr Biden’s efforts to pass a climate change bill were dealt a blow earlier this month when West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin – a conservative Democrat – said he would not vote for the legislation.

On Wednesday, Mr Biden announced $2.3bn (£1.9bn) to help build infrastructure that can withstand extreme weather and natural disasters.

However, he stopped short of formally declaring a climate emergency, despite mounting pressure to do so from fellow Democrats and environmental groups.

Mr Kerry said the world was learning that green energy reduced inflation, lowered energy costs, created jobs and improved health and security.

He said Mr Biden was prepared to use “every tool available to him” to tackle climate change, including executive orders.

Source: BBC News

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  1. The Biden administration is paddling furiously against the righteous stream of history, which daily is washing off the veneer of “democracy” has used to obfuscate their reality – one side of the duopoly Empire of Lies!

    The Saker has come out of hiatus with a comprehensive article about that fast-moving righteous stream, cited above.

    Do an internet search for “The Saker Five months into the Special Military Operation – a summary,” and read for yourself what the corporate media has been hiding from you.

  2. Soon after the climate emergency is declared then they will push for climate lockdown, oh yes, it’s a coming soon and there is nothing you and I can so about it. All brought to us by our useless governments who’s only role as perpets is to facilitate the world government agenda aka the United Nations of the antichrist. Yahweh have mercy on us all.


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