Big Bail For T&T Minister, Four Other Accused

Trinidad Express:– Former Public Administration Minister Marlene McDonald has been granted bail amounting to $2 million.

The charges against her were read in absentia yesterday afternoon since she is at the St Clair Medical Hospital, being treated for an undisclosed ailment.

McDonald’s husband Michael Carew is on $500,000 bail.

Edgar Zephyrine, former head of the National Commission for Self Help was granted $1 million bail.

Contractor Wayne Anthony was granted $100,000 bail and contractor Victor McEachrane was granted $400,000.

All five were charged with offences of conspiracy to defraud the Government, and offences of money laundering.

McDonald was also charged with misbehaviour in public office.

A total of 49 charges were read by Chief Magistrate Maria Busby Earl Caddle.

The cases were adjourned to September 9.


  1. Now why can’t we have that in good ole Ste Lucie? Never have I heard a politician or other high ranking public official be arrested despite constant claims of corruption by both sides of the divide. These leads me to conclude that either there is absolutely no corruption here and those claims are made to manipulate us. Or that both sides are just as corrupt and collude to prevent convictions from happening.

    • I am glad you know it this will never happen here in St Lucia NOT IN MY LIFE TIME they love to talk about Gynsberg and all that majee Chastnet need to go to jail for abuse and misuse of public funds gross MISMANAGEMNET OF A PUBLIC ENTITY. That G.U.Y. All those in government that don’t pay taxes this why the country so dam broke the wealthiest 5% pays little or no tax. This best country in the world who do you ever hear getting locked up for taxes

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