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Updated on July 5, 2020 12:46 pm
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Bodies Of Eight Prisoners Exhumed From Site Of Former Jail In Castries

The bodies of eight prisoners have been exhumed from the compound of the former jail in Castries, it has been announced.

The remains were of of former inmates who had been sentenced to death and hung.

They were identified as Joseph Vitalis Solomon, Evans Samuel, Nicholas Dolor, Gabriel Burke, Guy Biscette, Anthony Charles, Jn. Baptiste Faucher, and Stephen Jeremie.

The exhumation took place on Saturday, February 15, 2020, signalling what was described as the final step in the process of relocating to the Bordelais Correctional Facility which had occurred when all inmates were moved in early 2003.

The undertaking was witnessed by officials from the Attorney General’s office, Castries Constituency Council, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Infrastructure, Police, and Bordelais Correctional Facility. Officiating at the exhumation and interment was Catholic Priest,  Ignatius Cetout.

The location of the old HMS Prisons in Castries has been the subject of a pitched battle between the St. Lucia National Trust and the Government of St. Lucia since the attempted demolition in September 2018.

With the eventual demolition of the jail on Saturday, the Trust accused the government of reneging on what the organisation considered to be a legally binding agreement.

The SLNT said the former jail was a building of immense historic value.

Director of the Trust, Bishnu Tulsie, declared that the government cannot be trusted and warned that the development had set a dangerous precedent.

Members of the Trust gathered outside parliament Tuesday to make their ‘presence felt’ over the issue, declaring that a police presence and barricades that were erected near the house were evidence of attempts to silence dissent.

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet however defended the demolition of the former Her Majesty’s Prison.

““If I remember the written agreement very well, the last part of the agreement says that the government reserves the right to be able to act unilaterally,” Chastanet told reporters.

Supporters of the jail demolition have contended that the derelict and abandoned premises had become a haven for drug addicts and criminal elements.

They also note that Multiple fires have also been reported near the location and it was reported to have been infested by rats and bats.


    • Sheda. Capital Punishment is still on the Statute Books in St Lucia; however, it can only be carried out if it has been ratified by the Privy Council in London. This is highly unlikely to happen though.

  1. Well… ain’t this a super weird article I’ve ever read. Were the prisoners buried outside of Bordelais?

  2. We are so political. The building is dilapidated, it is infested with rats and bats, drug addicts so why should we keep this building. Stop behaving like hoarders. In the next couple of years most of us fighting to keep this crappy building will be dead. Beautify the place, clean up those dilapidated buildings. Modernize the dam place.

  3. Fool it’s over 200 years old at least you could have shown it to generations coming up your p word is not a rat u trash

    • Shut ur *** u illiterate lump o** ****. How dare u call the man a fool. Seems u and ur entire family are the bunch of fools. U deh like a damn shaved bird. What’s the significance of that building. Can’t you see that it isn’t even healthy to have that building standing there? Go and park urself in a corner tunz.

    • Y’all only realize the building is 200 years old and of immense value yesterday? Why has the NATIONAL TRUST been only placing injuctions and objections and not placing some attention on the revitalization and clean up of this building? It’s of this immense value and you leaving it for the rats, the bats, mold and other activities. We need to wake up as a ppl and stop this nonsense. I am for both sides because it could of been of value if you arrived to repair and save it years ago; but next time act on things of importance. The government made a good decion based of the situation because it was already past that stage. Let the police have this grand new headquarters that they deserve and lets move forward

  4. So of url like too much politics row row and behing the scene all politicians are frens. Now for our education i do not know the names of cuss its history is not online the Solomon vatalis is the one who rapped and killed a pregnant woman with twins in Garrand. Can someone tell me the history of the rest?

  5. I am subject to correction, but I believe Vitalis Solomon is the one who killed the taxi driver in Bouton, and then the Dominican-born woman in Reduit.

    Please correct me if I am wrong.

    • you are correct if my memory serves me right. He was pardoned by the pope If I can recalled. Right after he was arrested his little shack on the La Resource Dennery stretch was gutted with fire.

  6. Hope – you said that the Pope pardoned Vitalis Solomon for murder?
    is that right? if it is, what the hell has the pope got to do with Legal
    proceedings in St. Lucia? who asked the pope to grant a pardon – who???

  7. Some people must be wondering what the hell is “Education ” talking about. It’s recent history and that’s proving a point. “Knowing your history is important”

  8. I dont think the pope granted him any pardon,what the pope did was grant him his life ,to stop his execution.We can condemn someone to death and then the pope asks for his mercy.Its up to us what we do but generally we will comply.

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