Saturday, December 14, 2019

Body discovered at Caye Mange

Police are investigating the discovery of the dead body of a male individual at Caye Mange, Gros Islet,  Wednesday morning.

Law enforcement sources told the Times that the body was discovered in a drain in the community.

The sources disclosed that there appear to be marks of violence on the deceased.

The deceased has not yet been identified.


  1. No you put a hand! Thats what god gave you hand and a mind for! Our people so comfortable with begging when we should be out there doing!

  2. If there is one thing that upset me is when I see “Lord put a hand” when is his face we are to seek. His whole being is always here but out of greed we focus on his hand to receive what we want when we want.

  3. I will say a Sinners Prayer for St.lucia.same nothinf change,what is wrong with young people.What should be done for young people.Evil lurking.But jesus you are God a Mighty God.We the people especially our young people they broken.What is the solution.Is it really jobs or are we demon possessed.Our people may need a cleansing a spiritual cleaning we need to be anointed we need to be cleaned our young and some old have Poltergeist in them.They being control by supernatural forces beyond their control,our young people dont pray,not just the young but our young in termoil,they fighting evil entities.They cannot do it without spiritual interventions,it will go on we need more Revivals,please get the young people out of the ghettos to church,they need spiritual cleaning or they will crumble and dissolve. (Word deleted)

  4. Something is wrong with the society, Social policies are to be blamed for those murders, a criminal policy alone cannot be blamed. Stress ,Anxiety may be the cause, two things that can cause this, finance and Jealousy, i say Jealousy because this is a strong syndrome that affect friends and family.

    Anthony gajadhar

    • I think it more than 28…you forget about the number of hit an run cases…but it’s not something to brag about though. Ever since the USA intervene with the restore confidence matter, these criminals get braver.

  5. Will Claudius Francis come out and admit that his brother Herminguild Francis is a colossal failure. His failure and his government regressive policies are hurting the nation.

  6. This is scarier than we make it out to be. In the past five years alone more than 100 people have been murdered. We do not have 5 people on death row, if we have any, at all. Now consider that those murders have been committed by at least two people on average on each occasion, it means that we have between 100 to 200 murderers walking around in our society freely. Or if they are repeat offenders, approximately 25 to 50 serial murderers moving around. It’s scary to think that they may be plying a trade from that.

    We are in serious trouble.

    And to think that the Minister of Social Setvices etc does not speak as to what the Govt plans are for this year. That is pathetic representation by this govt. These people are not fit for office. That’s not political, it’s just a fact.

  7. It is time for our young people to wise up . Killing each other and robbing others is not the way to go. God did not put us on earth to be lazy. Too many do not want to work whereas there are young people who are using their creativity to create their own jobs. Have you ever considered that when you tell someone pass it you are robbing the person of the money they worked for when you don’t want to work? If that person did not work there would be nothing to pass. Young people particularly young men wise up. Who are you leaving your children for when you get killed. God put you here to get to know Him and lead your families in the right way. MAN UP and get to know and do what is right!

  8. Yet they are on TV selling St Lucia passports for 100.00 to 200 00 thousand dollars. Yet houses are being sold in St Lucia for millions. They crazy, real jokers whey they do not give the Island away for nothing ?????

  9. Please note that God is not the ruler of this world. Adam & Eve thought that they could govern themselves so he banished them from the Garden of Eden locked the gates and said “See for yourself.” You can ask himfor wisdom and strength to deal with the situation but he will not come down from heaven to save us. We need to save ourselves.

  10. For 2000 years Black People have been marching and praying for change. I guess its time to try something else. Something more draconian

  11. St Lucia is on TV SRLLING the Island for as little as 100.00 and 300.00$ they should be taking charge rather than send the Country for nothing. Who does that? What kind of other problems are you buying

  12. Crime affects us all. It’s imperative that all of us collectively make an effort to minimize it. The government alone is NOT responsible for crime but they MUST provide LEADERSHIP on this most vexatious issue. A National Address should be made by the PM himself to assuage the people’s fears and to clearly spell out practical solutions that the government would take or are undertaking to save lives and property. This is of paramount importance. God helps those who help themselves. He has given us the wherewithal to fight this scourge.

  13. Tell me what Herminguild Franvis or LaCorbinere or any other to come can do. When we bow to the US and The EU. They are the ones who dictate our policies. Have we forgotte Restore Confidence? We still blacklisted for taking action to restore confidence in our country. Crime is a business for these big countries. People think of this carefully. No government will stop crime.

  14. We continue to focus on treating the problem as a superficial wound when we have cancer with is evasive in nature speeding fast. Programs that focus on the youth would be a place to start.

  15. A number of our young people believe that you get things overnight. They do not want to work. They prefer to steal and tell people pass it. Has it ever occurred to them that for the person to pass it that individual has to go to work to get the money? Money and things don’t drop from the sky. Have you ever seen plants spring up overnight? When you plant corn you have to water it. When the shoots appear you have to weed it and nurture it until it grows and bears fruit so it is with everything. Those who want things in a hurry always end up in trouble! They take money to kill people and do all kinds of things. They forget that those who live by the gun die by the gun.

    • He did not die by no gun an Lester is very evil to kill the boy like that if a man is drunk an destroy your property an about to leave there is other alternative other than killing an I’m damn sure his place that was destroyed would have been payed for now where is he an wat will become of his business people just act without thinking an he must pay for wat he did

  16. Guardsmen. Have security job’s. At 4;25 an hour 12 hours a day. And if u are. A taller or spy u can get promoted a dollar more

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