Body Discovered In Castries Market

This article has been updated. Read the updated article here.

A body discovered in the Castries market early Tuesday morning is being treated as a suspicious death, police say.

However, law enforcement authorities disclosed that there were no marks of violence on the deceased.

A senior law enforcement official told St Lucia Times that the body of the male individual was discovered about 3.00 am on the ground.

According to the official, the deceased is an eighteen year old.

There are no further details at this time.


  1. Before the police can even begin to gather evidence for the last homicide, another one is murdered. St lucia has gone downhill truly.

  2. What demonic force(s) was unleashed in St. Lucia. Its like no positive news from my birth place, just a crime spree which dominates the headlines.

    • True words, demons are among us and and have always been for thousands of years. They influence man in ways we can’t imagine and are in control of all aspects of living . We need to put our trust in the right supernatural being, the one who created and sent his son to die for us and expose the devil and his demons.

    • It’s high time that the ignorance in this island stops. The world is reading those comments. Let us hide our lack of knowledge and education behind our closed doors.
      NO GOVERNMENT IN OR OUT OF POWER CAN STOP CRIME. It begins with our mentality. Smh

  3. Yo yo yo. Must everything be made political? It sucks that these things have to be happening here but you wanna know when the demons are really gonna hit us? The day that LGBTQ community gets their way in st lucia, we gonna see s*** happen. What we should be fighting against is that.

    • Mweh mem tell the Ministers that we have in this country to mend their ways so that the young persons can have better role models. When we are accusing top operatives of questionable behaviour and no body is held to account what do we expect.The best thing you can do is to tell them that you are tired of their bad behaviour. Spy -Der. The Guy,

  4. sometimes i have to wonder whether its gang behind these things or whether specific people are just doing things just because they can. what really is going on? some people come on here to celebrate every murder to make a point against the government.

  5. I thank Daniel and Demus for their words of wisdom which is not common in this place.
    Some people just cannot think outside of politics, see the nonsense that Lang caca is stuck with.
    The sad thing about our young folks today is that they are trapped in an evil vortex and blinded to
    any reasoning offered on a human level, and the only way out is by the power of the Divine nature.
    From the creation of this society by the fathers before us, Churches were built, and beside that,
    little else. The governing powers then, were controlled heavily by a religious body, even to be hired
    for a job as a civil servant. It was and still is, do it our way or else: but is that way that of the Divine?
    So you are trapped – how do you get out? it’s ignorance, drugs, illiteracy, witchcraft, hate, and so on.
    The thing your churches haven’t told you because you are blinded for now, is that the only begotten
    Son of the Almighty, who paid a heavy price for us all by shedding that Blood on a Cross, is for us to
    accept Him – JESUS and no one else as your Lord and Savior, so The Almighty can send His Holy
    Spirit to enlighten you, with wisdom, knowledge and understanding and with other gifts, & so to live
    free from self destruction. My dear Lucian brothers, I too was raised in the CDC, but thank be to Him
    who saved me, Baptized me properly and I have been free. It’s all over for you without ‘His Holy Spirit’.

    • The Fox# when those who call themselves saved are silent about the abomination that pass for governance in this country them we are doomed not by hel but our silence and being accomplices in this terrible situation.

  6. So the article says the body bore no Mark’s of violence yet the go to is murder. Smh. Anyways did I hear a friend of his say on the Hts news that he was not so much a good boy. Always giving trouble and she would help him out to prevent him from stealing. Hmmmm.

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