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Body In Burning Vehicle At Gros Islet Identified

The body found in  the driver’s seat of a burning vehicle at Gros Islet early Sunday morning has been identified.

Law enforcement officials say the deceased is Krystal George, 30.

According to reports, George was originally from La Ressource, Vieux Fort, but was living in Castries.

Krystal George

Police are treating the death as a homicide.

A senior law enforcement official told St Lucia Times that a male individual is in custody assisting with the investigation into George’s death.

According to the official, a male individual was seen fleeing the scene of the burning SUV.

The vehicle was located near the gap leading to Pigeon Island.



  1. I Hope he Receive the Maximum penalty .Death by Hanging .Very Ignorant Guy that’s what you did to the young Lady .The Case Should be Delt with as quickly as possible

  2. It is so disturbing to hear of such hideous crimes in St Lucia. Last week or so was the decapitated body of a young male now the body of a young lady in this burnt vehicle. The police really do have their work cut out for them. So much going on in this island which is only just 238 square miles. Believe it or not, the truth is, there is always someone who knows who comits each and every homicide. The case of the young lady who was shot and killed on the Morne leaving her children behind has gone silent like the many others. When these people are murdered, once the body is lowered to the ground the family is just left with a death certificate and lots of unanswered questions. This is the sad reality.

  3. St.Lucia is no longer a place to stay its not safe anymore to walk the streets you have to look left and right.Let the SSU loose but I hope good will prevail.Lots of people would like to return back home but the crime spree must stop

    • What crime spree? Most of the resent homicides are domestic. Would that make ST Lucia unsafe. Gone are the days when the criminal would walk the streets at midday in the city, to commit their crimes. Let us all make an appeal to the magistrate who, when the criminals are caught, they get bail for a small amount.

      • “Gone are the days” ?? And which days were these.; year and decade please ? As if to say you walk in the “city”. Oh my the criminals have all disappeared say Francis yeah right we are Singapore over night.

  4. The courts and the police need tuffer laws and penalties to assist them in crime deterant and reduction.
    Other regional governments have moved in this direction but the government of St Lucia just talks about it.
    So sad…

  5. Wow!! I know her. So sad. They should burn him by body parts, to feel the pain, she went throw, family and friends going throw right now and beyond.

  6. I had no idea that after a packed weekend of Independence anniversary which went on very well only to wake up to such an animalistic act which dampened all what our independence stands for.

  7. After all these days,officialy we know nothing,all the news even the Comisioner of police on TV,we still dont have hard facts.Dont forget us.

  8. So you all putting out photos of beatifull ladie and establishing a name .But our police PR refuses to confirm the name on TV news cast in all the channels,Comisioner comes on TV, with Claudius Francis and refuses to confirm anything.I will try to be respectfull,I have a burning car,I see a license plate,I know were to go and find out the owner of the car,I get her name,addres and phone.In two hours I get all I need,I speak with her family .Now sit back to confirm the facts,and wait for the coroner to fill all the gaps.Sorry if I went to fast.

  9. Oh little St. Lucia left a long time ago.. but been reading and watching the news for years as conditions worsen. The people elect joker’s for leadership and wonder why not much has changed… It’s the economy, what real industries exist besides fragile tourism…. What opportunities real exist on this island…. What is our revenue system.. how do we ensure we account for all our citizens… Can we enter the 21st century.

  10. If the law of the land continues to just jail people for such gruesome murders, where they get 2 to 3 meals and day, are we not encouraging crime?

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