Friday, September 30, 2022

Body Of Missing Choiseul Man Found

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Police say the body of a missing Choiseul resident, Trev Modeste, was located after sunset Wednesday.

Relatives had reported that they last saw the twenty-four-year-old diver on Sunday about 7:00 pmĀ  and later discovered that his diving gear was missing, but his mobile telephone was at his home.

The Saint Lucia Marine Police were part of a search party looking for Modeste.

And they found the body in a beach area near Gros Piton.

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There are no further details at this time.

(Story updated)

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  1. Is this subjectif refers to the missing body …..
    Although there are many questions than answers and unsolved mysteries ; that God who is in his Holy Sanctuary sees everything and one day will revels all that is hidden in secret and to every deeds.

    But woe to the earth and the sea,
    because the devil have gone down to
    you !
    He is filled with fury,
    because he knows that his time is
    but “no one”take precaution !!

  2. @Allison.
    No doubt Allison, I have for a long time suspected that we do have a bunch of Nut cases in St. Lucia, and I am not referring to the story on hand, I am of course generalizing. The kind of senseless crimes, beating up defenseless old ladies to rob them of their last Dime, zombies walking around looking for who to rob, A bunch of lazy bums not wanting to work no matter what, and you talking dishing out monies like hot cakes. No doubt there are some poor Souls who just cannot work, because of circumstances, such as age, physical disabilities, too many kids and the grannies to feed, such cases should be studied and set as case to be dealt with. I have a mean solution for the dying bread of todays youth – forced labour to survive or be locked up. Did you say too tough? well, I’m sorry, some have it hard, some have it too easy. Are there any lazy bums in Heaven? What about Hell, dose the devil put up with laziness? (Thank God we have a place for the kind hearted, the poor and the needy)

  3. Re prober. Stay focused on the article. Yes! We need help as St lucian’s mostly MENTAL health..
    Only money will solve our mental problems in St Lucia,..
    The government should assume a debt to hand out at least one thousand dollars a month to the needy for at least Two years of spending power and set up a fair tax system, that is a win win situation.. I endorse

  4. What needs to be a subject in schools and community is COMMON SENSE AND SELF AWARENESS while we are just a check list country – meaning when you travel from the outside and look how St. Lucia is compare to other world, we are on par on status but to say a functional body we still looking for hands out from taiwan and china. Its sad when we see someone deficiency we cast them aside rather than contribute to get them fix or protect them. RIP young man

  5. What kind of news is that?? This sounds like a total illiterate who repaired that news item .make absolutely no sense .did that person actually listen to..them selves reading that crap

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