Body Of Saint Lucian University Student Found In US – Grieving Family Seeks Answers

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The grieving family of a Saint Lucian student who attended North Park University in the United States seeks answers after receiving news of his death after being reported missing.

Chicago police have launched an investigation.

Reports indicate that talented musician and ‘stellar student’ Coman Fevrier, 21, was last seen at Park University on Friday.

His body was found lying on the ground in the early hours of Sunday morning in the 4700 block of North Kennicott.

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His father, Peter Fevrier, a Deacon of the Saint Lucia Catholic Church, told reporters that Coman’s sister, who also attended North Park University, identified the body.

Fevrier said his deceased son, a cellist majoring in music, would have completed his four-year programme in December.

Peter Fevrier

He recalled that the young man, his sister, and a friend from the United States were in Saint Lucia for two weeks in December when the family had a joyous reunion.

He said his son was in ‘great spirits’ when they last spoke via video conference.

However, Fevrier told reporters that the family needs answers regarding Coman’s death circumstances.

He said friends in the United States support his daughter.

But, at the same time, for his oldest son Peter, who recently left the University of the West Indies and was very close to Coman, it was a second experience of losing someone close.

The father said Peter lost a friend while at university.
“That friend passed away – his girlfriend, while she was on campus. So that’s a recurrence of something that is almost the same. So he is struggling with that.”

“My wife is having a very difficult time because put it this way, that was the baby,” he disclosed.

As for himself, Fevrier said he was finding it extremely difficult to comprehend how the death could have occurred.

However, as a Cleric, he knows that the Lord gives and the Lord takes away, so he has to accept it.

“Scripture tells us in life or in death we belong to God, so when he beckons ‘Come’ you have to go,” the Clergyman asserted.

In addition, he told reporters that death is not the end but just a state of sleep.

“So we should be strengthened by the fact that okay, you will meet again at some point in time. Those are not just words that we proclaim because we want to comfort each other, but those are real words. Those words have power. And so when someone we love dearly, especially so young is taken, we can cry for a little while but we must be comforted by the fact that we will see again and I suppose that is where I get my strength. I have to be strong to lead my family,” Fevrier explained.

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  1. Jesus brought peace between God and his people,so that, God,one day will make his home with them (again).
    How beautiful are those who brings comfort and good news,who proclaim salvation.
    Who says to St-Lucia, “your God reigns !”
    Who set the heaven in place, who laid the foundation of the earth,and who says to St-Lucians, ‘you are my people.’ ”
    And all the earth will see the salvation of our God.
    ” The last enemy to be defeated is death”.

  2. There are so many questions that need to answered. I need to know what the autopsy reveals about this young man. I totally understand the benefits of sending an extremely young man to the States to University. But what I can’t seem to understand is why Chicago tho. Chicago is literally in the news each and every day for violent crimes among black youngsters! Like it is really a risk sending your kid who is not familiar with the American culture to go to School especially in Chicago!!!! People please do research on where you send your precious little ones on their own! So sad!!!

  3. g.w, did you read to understand the article? SMH. RIP Coman, you will definitely be missed… Very promising young man… My sincere condolences to Mr. Fevrier and the rest of his family especially his sister with whom he had a close bond. I’m deeply saddened by this…

  4. @charles
    there maybe religious zealots for true but there is alot in the spiritual realm that you just wont understand and what “Just a matter of time” speaks of is truth of things that has happened i am not saying this is the case for this matter but there are alot of things happening that we as normal people dont see and know

  5. “Just a matter of time” what the hell is wrong with you. You religious zealots are the most mentally deficient people around with your fantasy beliefs… which evil spirit did you evoke since you seem to know why this tragedy happened, fool.

  6. hmm i am curious what the autopsy says. his girlfriend is dead and now him? i hope its not something they saw and some students on campus wanted them dead fearful they would talk or just jealousy

  7. Sometimes those things happen when persons evoke evil spirits for prosperity and then payment is required. The deacon needs to ask himself alot of questions. First of all the chain you are wearing in the photo above is pure satanic. You need to repent and ask God for forgiveness. Coincidentally, maybe it’s payback time. Confess all what you did. Stop quoting the word of God when you know that you are serving satan. Rest in piece young man.

  8. I think we are expressing our opinions without any facts .Lets wait to get more detail on the matter..

    May the family and friends be comforted .in the Lord

  9. Black on black crime is a serious problem. Sad that this tragedy won’t get the attention it deserves because the crime was not committed by a white person, no the story cannot be sensationalised.

  10. Sad news there but don’t forget this is Chicago were there is at least three murders every week. You got to mingle round the right people. Especially as he’s not from the area gangs target him

  11. A promising young man. We live in a sad and cold world. Be strong Fevriere Family; I know it is easier said than done

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