Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Body Of Woman Discovered In Soufriere

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Police have confirmed the discovery of a woman’s body in Soufriere Friday morning and say they are treating the matter as a homicide.

Details about the discovery are sketchy and there are no further details at present.

In the meantime, a post-mortem examination on the body of another Soufriere woman, Cesinta Lionel has determined that she died due to a hypertensive heart attack.

The woman’s son recently discovered her on the floor of her residence at Fond St Jacques.

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He said there was blood coming from her mouth.

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  1. St Lucians are true investigators with little to go by. Persons are talking about reports from SLT that indicates that details are still sketchy and yet they can tell you the person was naked, the person was missing an eye, the person was found in a pool of blood, the house was locked, the back window was open, the neighbors heard a scream, the girl was sexually abused, yet none of that appears in the SLT story. I guess SLT and the police should check some of these investigators for help then maybe we can one day boast like North Korea that we have no crime

    • So whats your point? I think they are actually better than the police. you there saying marjee as if the police here ever solve anything and we can depend on them! if those suspicious deaths happen so quickly so close to each other, offcourse it must raise questions for any intelligent person but since you are SLP to the bone; intellect escaped you long time my dear! just brainwashed!

      • Did you really read my comment @Ratid? You are attacking me on my psyonym SLP TO THE BONE, not on my comment. Have you read other comments from me where I actually criticize policies of the SLP. I’m just saying that we seem to have all the evidence when something happens and yet the authorities can’t solve the crimes.

  2. When my dad in law died of a heart attack he was also found with blood in his mouth. It could mean the lady was going for a shower then remembered her pan on the stove so was walking towards it half naked, with the intention to check it then go back to the shower. No one can determine where and how their body clock will stop. You simply ‘clock out’ under any circumstance. Locked house and the autopsy would pick up if she was sexually assaulted. Condolences to the family, it is indeed a hard time in your lives esp her kids. May she RIP.

  3. There.hàve never been a Second opinion of any Post Motem in St.Lucia .You could be Poisoned but as long as the Result of the Autopsy is Shock and Hemorrhage case Close

  4. Your’ll sure is not rape and kill cause the first one was partially naked, now this one? Or there is a evil spirit in Soufriere.

    • Why are people like you allowed to post such nonsense. Did you read the circumstances of the case? House totally locked. Pot on fire. Only one dead person inside. How did the assailant exit the house while it was locked. Oh right. Evil spirits. Jesus you people.

      • @just saying you are posting nonsense. house totally locked says nothing! so someone with keys could have locked the house and left! so what’s your point??? do u know who did it or what??

      • Tips do you have any evidence of that? Oh wait! It appears she died from a medical situation. Shows what you know. Moron.

      • @Just saying nada; You can never contest on logic; i said “could have” meaning other scenarios are possible. how the heck you can say medical condition as if you u were both doctor and investigator who excluded all possibilities. shut up!

  5. what incompetent police officers! i did not know that heart attack cause blood coming from someone’s mouth. what nonsense is this? they too lazy to investigate! those in the community know very well what happened question them. lapo officers! check if the woman was sexually assaulted too and get the DNA. and now we have another soufriere case. better look for signs of all types of assault.

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