Saturday, August 13, 2022

Body With Gunshot Wounds Discovered At Bois Patat

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Police have launched a probe into Saint Lucia’s latest homicide after finding a body with multiple gunshot wounds at Bois Patat Saturday afternoon, Castries, law enforcement officials say.

According to investigators, the body was in a drain.

There are no further details at this time.


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Editorial Staff
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  1. The guys that blaming the government let’s just give em 1 week as the government let’s see how this bullshit will end up

  2. Spat of robberies, fires and gun crime. Territorial spirit is over the land. Spiritual leaders need to come forward.Pray with the nation. Yolks,spells,curses, enchantments and altars need to be dismantled. Shame the devil, silence him and his comrades with the Blood of Jesus.

  3. I hope the devil accepts credit cards cause that price is huge… this is what happens when the leaders look after only themselves and put greed first, continued crime

  4. Too many unsolved homicides including those by the police. When will the senior cop who shot our friend in Choiseul be arrested and charged? Killed this guy in cold blood for being armed with a stick. Why didn’t he call for help from his other crooked colleagues. Why did he have to go alone? We the public are waiting patiently to see what will happen. This one was clear murder. Also, what’s about the cop who shot the guy in the Valley. All these police shootings were clearly murders in plain sight. So we can’t separate the criminals from within the force from the criminals outside the force. And they still promoting them even before the investigation clear them. PIP on the other hand cannot deal with the crime situation because of the criminals within his cupboard. What a sad state of affairs.

  5. Sad to say, but things will get worse before they will get better.and nothing will stop it in the short term. Penalties for crimes do not deter criminals, apprehension of criminals are unacceptably way too low, public servants, including those who swear to protect and serve are also involved in criminality, the lack of household incomes and the resulting hunger are feeding the crime wave. If at least one of the above can be eliminated, it would help curb crime significantly.

  6. If Richard, pjp,hilair beleve life is sweet in Lucia then think again. You fools are downright clueless to justify your votes. But you have a chance to show case your inept. NGP should given a chance 4uk wat ppl say. More will come and these vagabond who were elected will display more neglectful behavior

  7. The commissioner of police, the little Christ, should walk the ground in Castries like he did in View Fort, to miraculously deal with the crime situation. How laughable and pathetic – the new anti crime strategy. Will Vern Garde, the Commissioner in waiting, do any better? – Lord you really have to put a hand in that recycle plant. GIGO!!!

  8. St Lucian criminals governed by criminals. what the fork you all expect? These people are really bad for st lucia. yet still you fools voted those crooks in. smh!!

  9. I love the way some of us quick to not defend govt and politicians. The same, beach, sun, air, god in the sisiter islands and yet still they don’t have half the crime we do, U know what\s different their GOVERNANCE. The Policies and Laws in this country is driving crime up. Even the PM seemingly condones fraud, which is a crime. Govt PRI,IARY RESPNISBLITY IS TO PROTECT IT’S CITIZENS.

  10. Kenny can’t do it Allan can let’s see if philip will
    A country gets the government they deserve so deal with it.

  11. Lord have mercy on us. It’s getting worst day by day. We need you to deliver us from all this pain and suffering. I’m so tired of hearing sad news, especially on weekends. Parents pray for your children and others. Teach your children to respect life. We need God in our lives to be better citizens.

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