Body With Multiple Gunshot Wounds Discovered At Anse La Raye

Saint Lucia Police are investigating the discovery of the body of a yet unidentified male at Anse Galet, Anse La Raye.

The body had multiple gunshot wounds and spent shells were found nearby, according to law enforcement sources.

The discovery was made about 11.00 p.m. Tuesday night.

A photo circulating on social media shows a man lying in a pool of blood on his back.

The man is wearing a white tee shirt and multi-coloured short trousers.

One of the slippers he was wearing is near the body.





    Undoubtedly, a ‘…Targeted Killing.’

    Even so, it is cause for alarm and fear.

    For the apparent spike in crime, this suggest that the ‘…proliferation and easy accessibility of guns,’ could see a sizeable number of the male population eliminated.

    Then again, ‘…so a man lives, so he dies.’
    The question is, ‘…Who and where next?.’

    Law enforcement has no control and cannot know what goes on in the minds of criminals.

    Even so, they do know when they struck with ‘…deadly force.’

  2. Law enforcement is too busy writing parking tickets and visiting other men women in police vehicles. And also too busy covering up crimes too.

  3. 11p.m., in that area?Let me commend our police officers for taking care of the nation with limited resources, including the man power! let’s not blame the unsatisfied citizens because, they have never tried POLICING!

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