Body With Multiple Gunshot Wounds Discovered In Castries

Police are investigating the discovery of a body with multiple gunshot wounds at Cedars, Castries, Sunday morning, a law enforcement official has confirmed.

The official told St Lucia Times that the homicide victim has been identified as Leandre Phillip, 23, of Independence City.

The body was discovered about 7:15 am, according to reports.




  1. Oh my goodness I heard several gunshots lastnite at 11:13pm where I live on the morne but didn’t hear anything after that this is so saddening

  2. So every night the city of castries turns into CASRAQ…….if people hearing the shots the police eh hearing them

  3. Kenny could not do it, that is to keep us safe but Chastanet is doing it now. Well done Chas. Micoud people you all are the cause of this chaos today, the 43%of dummies.

    • You idiot. take responsibility for the problems. You’re a citizen as well. Are you reporting crime when you see it? Are you telling the police when your friends or cousins rob someone? if not then stfu because you’re not helping anything.

      • Yes Anon, I agree with you that crime is everybody’s business. Most criminal cases are solved when the citizens and residents hand information to the police. However, why do you get so insanely emotional when one just repeats the truth about the exact words that Chastanet used about Kenny and crime leading up to the last general elections? He said them and the country must hold his feet to the fire. They should remind him as often as possible until this promise is fulfilled. Instead of getting upset with those who dare to remind Mr. Chastanet of his promise to solve crime on attaining office of the Prime Minister , be insanely mad with the PM for lying his way into government. For you to curse someone for merely repeating verbatm what another person said, it has to be that the truth hurts and hurts badly.

      • Yes, I agree with you because people such as Anon and Bob were on the bandwagon screaming “it’s Kenny’s and LaCorbs fault”. Now that the shoe is on the other foot yally are crying foul. Additionally, The Hurricane did say he’d make us safe because Kenny couldn’t.

    • Josito Mateo you previously called yourself Sad But True. Go and seek immediate mental health as you have a severe case of “Chastnetitis”. Go quick sicko psycho before this obsession eats you alive.

  4. Plz stop this useless killing. Too many young lives lost. Young men turn to JAH get a JOB and stop taking/selling/dealing drugs and preserve your life.

  5. Indeed saddened by this latest loss of life. This has to stop I say; senseless murders.

    There has to be a strong armed response to these perpetrators; something in the likes of “Operation Restore Confidence”.

    Question is, “Will there ever?”
    And if not, “Can you blame them?”

  6. anon y mous, you are out of place, Allen the not too bright, promised to make St.Lucia safe, we must hold him accountable for his promises. Allen politicized crime do not blame the ordinary st lucian

    • Is Allen the one telling these fools to rob, steal and use guns like toys? Y’all make yourselves sound so ignorant to the world when y’all speak this nonesense. No wonder the tourists think we still running around like monkeys.

      • Was Kenny the one killing when you all used to say It?? Was he sending people to kill? Hypocrites!!!

    • Seriously people????? SMDH


      Thats what you’ll need to focus on… smh

  7. Heart-felt condolences to the family and friends of the fallen one. Not enough attention, human and material resources are given to crime fighting. Most of the country’s resources are put into sweetheart deals with foreign, shark-minded investors in the tourism industry. The Police Force is severely undermanned, under-resourced, and badly demotivated. Minister H.,Francis has failed enormously and must be replaced. Nothing further has been heard about the symposium on crime held some many months ago. This particular Minister is an absolute failure. The people should demand the stoppage of the weighty monthly salary he receives for virtually doing nothing. This is just a tax, borrow and spend government which is determined to drag the country into permanent indebtedness while crime keeps escalating and they sit idly by and watch.

  8. we waited so long and still haven’t taken action, the crime issue is two fold both of which the citizenry are responsible;1. we have a backward mindset about drugs and have failed to modernize our thinking as many are still dead against decriminalization,while drugs are main reason for so many illegal weapons. the cartels from south america supply it to the drug runners to protect their product and to enforce delinquent payers. change that reality and you will see less guns and less money in the game which justify these murders. 2. we have failed to invest in our justice system, from proper training of our police, to the increasing of judges and courts so that cases can be heard in a timely manner, to the implementation of science in the solving of crime to a witness protection system. we instead advocate for police to just go out and shoot so called criminals which does not solve crime but only increases the violence and puts the same police in legal limbo. we should demand greater expenditure in crime solving and the delivery of justice as well as crime avoidance…, conflict resolution, and punishing white collar crime

    • Well said. Very productive youth and It’s guaranteed that MP Chastanet will never leave his people like Kenny left VFort South. That’s guaranteed. I witness the deterioration of VFort people, especially the youth, under Kenny Anthony as MP and PM.

  9. There have been shots fired in this area for a few days now. One man was shot Lastic Hill on Thursday night but it didn’t make the news. I am noticing a pattern.

    • A number of incidents have been going on this area, but yet i never see any police patrolling here, atleast once a week, or once every 2 weeks, those lazy ******* who work the night shift just sleep into the morning, rather than do patrols in the troubled areas

    • Yes I realize the pattern also crime is happening and it is not being reported to citizens, the media is hush hush or the police is trying to hide how horrible the crime rate really is in St. LUCIA…..

  10. Bring back “ORC” y’all spineless cowards…our police need to start policing again …untie their hands…let them get these gutless bastards..

  11. Micoud people that have old ******* criminals killing each josito idiot.blame chastenet for crimes just cauae he said he wud stop Yourl whole life on a comment he made.the people at fault are the criminals so blame them.freaking retarded a) of u quick to blame chastened not now them crimes goin on

    • You would have to agree that it is getting worse because nothing is getting done to solve the crime…it is the responsiblity of the government to keep its citizens safe… matter which government is in power….

  12. Our Police Officers are too lazy… You barely see officers patrolling the city… Party doesnt have any affiliation with crime…. It’s high time we aS a people work together to fight against crime… It’s saddening that young lives are always being lost…

  13. St Lucia needs to look at other countries and Island and see how it is Criminal system is take page out of the UK and the US cameras are everywhere put up more cameras maybe even going so far as to implementing stop and frisk like they used to have in New York.

  14. Why do political idiot make crime a political tool? For those labour hack if homicide is 30 this year, which would have been half of last year and lower that previous years, would you give credit to Chastanet? I don’t think so. What he would get credit for is creating employment, among other things,for the youth who were about 50% unemployed. Know one expects a government to create a major impact on crime within a year in government. At this point after 2.5 years it is much lower than last year. Let us all hope the downward trend continue.

    • Crime is not only murders being committed. And statistically the crime rate has increased with all the sex trafficking, robberies car thefts going around which does not make it to the news room or on fb….so stop this shit and Let us all realise the country is in chaos and let us deal with this….

  15. I am so afraid of coming home I feel so much safer living in the states sad to say when and if I ever move back to Slu I feel the need to have a firearm legal or illegal. Smh

    • Oh Please!!! Good luck dodging mass shooters and overzealous Trump supporters! You people sound so retarded when you say sh!t like that. You think you’re on a pedestal whilst looking and talking down at your own country, whilst you’re in the people’s country where they don’t even want your black behind? Burn your passport my boy and never come back! FOH, talking like St. Lucia is a twisted warzone like the damn States.

      • UK have cameras and for this year 119 MURDERS. How many Mass shootings in the USA for this year alone?

  16. To the young people of st lucia lets not bring the crime situation to a political discussion you will put a rat, dog, cat or anything or anyone in power crime is the mentality for people thats how they get by or they get their joy what we need to do is as a people get and pray for our young kids so that the life of criminality dont take over their minds dont blame the politicians let us make changes to ourselves

  17. R.I.p Landre jahh knows u was always a humble yute keeping out of trouble n holding yourself on a level…..judgement will come to those that took your life so wrongfully.sleep in peace till we see again at the crossroad

  18. Behind every killing there is a reason,if you cant solve your disputes amicably,and you have ro resort to the use of weapons.Its because you dont want to settle nothing you just want to kill

  19. Yh he was an ull always negative believe it ppl do under up wrong place wrong time an yes things happen to ppl just so by the cruelty of others. We only fell it when is sumbody we no or uh family member we no dat was not involve in anything

  20. all of you talking about politics should just give up. whilst I agree that we should hold politicians to their promises. we should all remember that every opposition preach the same message and deliver the same crap.
    on the note of crime…. we are all responsible. we turn a blind eye when we see children behaving in ways they shouldn’t because they are not our children. parents no longer believe in the community raising children…. “don’t correct my child”. parents see their children come home with things not belonging to them and say nothing. we allow our children to do what ever they want and then only punish them when we are embarrassed. we are the cause of the increase in crime and the sooner we accept responsibility the sooner we can turn the crime rates down. it may not be immediate but it will eventually. Crime rate has nothing to do with government it’s all on us. All government can do is maybe bring back capital punishment. maybe when the criminals see their “colleagues” being executed they will think twice before committing a crime.

  21. “Don’t politicize crime.” What an idiotic statement! One can politicize health, finance, agriculture and anything under the sun. The simple reason those pathetic politicians say that is because they have no solutions. Worse yet, they have stooges parroting the same crap.

  22. Some of you outhere full a shate.urll acting like the death came from some political riot or its kenny or chastnet.somewhere out there a mother/family member grieving. So if u cant sympathize better some of u shut up

  23. Oh I see the LABOUR HACKS ARE AT IT AGAIN. Ya’ll trying to play dumb and make CHAST look bad everytime there’s a crime or murder. Well guess what it’s all Kenny’s fault because he and the S.L.P were weak on crime from the get go which allowed things to get out of hand for the U.W.P of 06 to handle it the best way they could which was O.R.C and trust me everyone is still happy that it happened. You know they only thing they didn’t like and still don’t like? Kenny and the rest of his snitches who reported it and got us into the mess that we are in now with these criminals once more. I bet you if the O.R.C had continued till now the crime rate and murder rate would have been low along with unemployment cause alot of them would have found work to do because they would have been scared to lose their lives over their criminal acts. Now what did Kenny do about crime? Criminals give the people a break to enjoy their X-Mas and he lied about it saying he never said so in the house. But I guess ya’ll forgot about that. He gave the Gun Amnesty which so criminals turning in old non operational guns for 2500 to buy new ones they even had homemades which couldn’t fire jack shit. But I guess ya’ll forgot about that also, He had the Graveyard criminals after it was found out they had 2 barrels of guns and drugs in there and not any guns you know (tech9s) to stone down and burn a police vehicle with not one criminal being shot or murdered for showing extreme force in resisting arrest and after that no one spent years in jail only weeks and let out on bail with the case going nowhere. This made the Graveyard and untouchable yard that not even the cops entered and those guys racked up a murder and crime rate like no other. But again ya’ll forgot about that. So if you ask me when it comes to crime here Kenny and the S.L.P can’t talk and give anyone beams as a matter of fact them real 43% labour hacks can’t say shit because they forget too much and only say what de party says on platforms cause they can’t think for themselves. Now hush ya’ll mouth please.

  24. To those who make comparison to other countries and issues of crime. Please know that you can not compare a tiny island like St. Lucia to the US. Crime is everywhere —-however; for such a tiny island like St. Lucia it’s definitely too much based on your size and population. We need to be realistic and honest about the situation at hand —honestly it is CRITICAL.🙏🙏🙏

  25. why would residents and citizens give information when, there isn’t any protection system placed for witnesses and victims of criminal matters, I wish this wasn’t the case where persons would be open to give information to police and know they’re protected.The police themselves have friends who they normally call when arrest’s and complaints are being reported about them. What an island we live on…

  26. That is true Jay but I’m not comparing Saint Lucia to the states or the UK just making a point that more cameras can’t hurt it could only help but solve crime possibly prevent it if people have not lived abroad or even travel they need to take a second before they reply or comment I love my country Saint Lucia always…. it’s disheartening listening seeing stories of what’s going on down there my son came home for Carnival 2018 and I was so afraid that I would get some news that something happened to him thank God he returned safe….

    • See, you just flexed your ignorance card again mate! You coulda stopped at “more cameras can’t hurt” but then you went downhill from there. I lived more than half my life in the UK, and in my line of work, knowing the news inside out, both here and internationally is my business, so you better believe that I took more than a second to reply. On the other hand, it took me less time to realise how ignorant YOU are of the facts.
      You say you love your country, but in the same breath, you talk down about it like it’s the bloody Gaza strip! St. Lucia is indeed fraught with issues, but these issues are a stroll in the park compared to the issues in your borrowed neck of the woods.
      Whilst you say you would need a gun to live here, and that you were worried sick about your son, I am praying to God that my black son NEVER even thinks about visiting that hell hole called the states, because I won’t be able to sleep knowing about the brown and white terrorists, racists, gang bangers, psychopaths and especially the police who might kill him in his own home.
      So whilst you scared for St. Lucia so much, I’d advise you to peep out your window and watch your arse instead. And I’ll repeat, burn your passport my boy, and stay in your haven.
      In case you’re wondering why I’m so triggered, this is the typical response you’d get when someone who TRULY Loves their country sees some fool, especially one who’s a sellout, talking smack about their homeland.

  27. And meanwhile… Kenny and Allen are both at home safe, taking care of their families and couldn’t care less about people who blame them for crime and death in the country, right?
    Murder will always happen because human beings don’t care for each other enough to forgive. There will come a time when you have to kill to defend your self but most times there’s always a better way out. So before we blame ministers, we must think on the amount of times we’ve killed and continue to kill people in our minds and thoughts. For those who want to find blame, find a mirror and start there. “There’s a change that’s coming, let it start in me.” RIP young man. May the ones who love you find comfort.

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