Book Bursary Programme Continues

PRESS RELEASE:-The Government of Saint Lucia has reaffirmed its commitment to continue the Book Bursary Programme for the new academic year.

The Book Bursary Programme is expected to assist infant and primary school students whose parents and guardians are unemployed, needy or medically challenged.

School Welfare Coordinator in the Ministry of Education, Cyrillia Lewis noted that despite the financial cost of the programme, in existence since 2002, the Ministry of Education is committed to ensure that it can be sustained for years to come. “It is a program that cost the ministry more than $100,000 per year, because we provide textbooks for grades K to grades 6, so it is a very costly program as you may be well understand that the cost of textbooks increase every year. Though it is costly, the ministry always make sure that they do assist parents with their textbooks.”

Lewis also expressed hope that government will continue to provide public assistance, which she says is of great importance in guaranteeing every child an education. “Well it is a very good program, therefore I hope that the ministry will continue doing it; because you will always have situations where people will fall in unfortunate circumstances and they need the assistance so I hope the ministry continues the program and I hope that parents continue to appreciate what they are getting cause it is a great assistance for them.”

Every year more than one thousand five hundred students benefit from the Book Bursary programme. The textbook distribution will take place for five weeks at the St. Aloysius Boys’ R.C. Primary School.