Thursday, September 29, 2022

Bordelais Correctional Facility Responds To COVID-19 Positive Cases

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Press Release:– The Covid -19 virus rearing its head in prisons has been one of the undesirable outcomes of the pandemic across the globe.

The Bordelais Correctional Facility(BCF) has been no exception although the Facility through rigid protocols implemented effective March 2020, had been able to keep the highly contagious virus at bay and inmates safe for ten continuous months.

In light of the   recent   announcement via a press release issued by the Ministry of Health and Wellness dated March 2, 2021, of 105 new Covid-19 cases at the BCF, members of the public are being assured   that   hands-on measures are being   implemented to manage and contain the  spread of the virus on compound.

According to the  Director of the Bordelais Correctional Facility Mr.  Hilary Herman, those individuals are being accommodated away from the general population.

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The staff who man the repurposed cell blocks he clarified, are fully   equipped with personal protective gear.

Mr.  Herman explained that other safety measures and strict adherence to protocols are in effect. In early February 2021, a donation of 10,000 face masks was made to the correctional facility through the generosity of the Government and People of Taiwan.

 Additionally, the BCF is being   ably supported by the Ministry of Health and Wellness via health   teams who work in tandem with  prison officials and the Department of Home Affairs and National Security in order to ensure the best interventions are being employed at this time.

The public is reminded that all visitation by family and friends are suspended until further notice, as all safety and security measures are in full effect at this challenging time.

The public is asked to note that virtual visits are expected to recommence on March 15, 2021.

Authorized item drop-offs for inmates are being accommodated daily by appointments 24 hours prior to the planned drop-off.

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