Saturday, October 19, 2019

Botham Jean Family’s Attorney Acquitted On Criminal Contempt Charges

One of the Attorneys representing the family of the late Botham Jean, has had all 16 charges of criminal contempt against him dismissed, it has been reported.

But the Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee is considering appealing Thursday’s ruling by Judge Cynthia Wheless, local reports have stated.

Civil rights attorney Lee Merritt disclosed Friday he is free to assist victims of police misconduct after the judge dismissed charges accusing him of practicing Texas law without a state license, Dallas News said.

According to the publication Merritt, who is from Los Angeles, faced 16 counts of criminal contempt for practicing state law without a Texas law license.

The judge dismissed all 16 charges, including 14 that were dismissed outright before rebuttal, Dallas News reported.

Lee Merritt said in a prepared statement that the authorities had wasted taxpayer resources in investigating his cases, thereby hereby exposing the state’s justice system as a tool to suppress the rights of the most vulnerable.

“Two years of taxpayer resources were wasted on this witch-hunt and more importantly, pulled me away from serving families seeking justice in a system clearly designed to deny them that,” Merritt was quoted as saying.

He demanded a public and “full-throated” apology for the charges.

The Civil Rights Attorney is on the team representing the family of  Saint Lucian Botham Jean who was shot dead in his own apartment in Dallas in September by a female police officer, Amber Guyger.

Guyger claimed she mistook Botham’s apartment for her own and thought he was an intruder.

She was fired from her job and just recently a grand jury indicted her on a murder charge.

Guyger, 30, had initially had been arrested on a manslaughter charge, three days after the September 6 shooting of Botham Jean.



  1. They always look for ways to discredit those seeking Justice for minorities. It is a gimmick that they have always used. Whenever it is evident of wrongful dead and they know that the time is going to come to pay up, the devil’s workshop gets in gear, but God is more powerful than the mischief minds. The family has to stay stronger than the storm and carry on.

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