Botham Jean’s Family Is A Finalist For ‘Texan Of The Year’

Citing grace and mercy amid unspeakable grief, a Texas newspaper Editorial has declared the family of murdered Saint Lucian, Botham Jean, a finalist for Texan of the Year.

The unarmed Botham Jean, 26, was shot dead in his own apartment last year by then off duty Dallas police officer, Amber Guyger.

Guyger claimed she believed Botham’s apartment was hers and he was an intruder.

She was fired from the Dallas force, indicted for murder and sentenced this year to 10 years in jail.

A defining moment in the high profile trial occurred when, in a move that took the world by surprise, Botham’s younger brother Brandt announced his forgiveness for his sibling’s killer and the two engaged in a tight embraced in open court.

Brandt Jean embraces Amber Guyger

The scene was broadcast to the world by major international media organisations.

Just recently,  Brandt Jean accepted the 2019 Ethical Courage Award from the Plano-based Institute for Law Enforcement Administration.

“We wouldn’t have blamed him for being angry for what Guyger had taken away from his family. Instead, he said he forgave her and asked if he could give her a hug. The world watched their embrace and got a stunning lesson in the power of forgiveness that brought us to tears,” the Dallas Morning News stated in its Editorial on Monday.

In reference to the Jean family, the newspaper asserted that  “they taught us that our ability to make it through unspeakable grief can be strengthened by the grace and mercy within us.”

According to the publication, there are remarkable moments amid tragedy that restore our faith in humanity.

“They prove to us that the human spirit is resilient — that no matter what unthinkable horrors we face, there is hope that we can survive,” the newspaper explained.

“There is no greater personification of this than the family of Botham Jean, the innocent young man murdered in his own apartment by a former Dallas police officer who mistook his home for her own. Time and time again throughout this months-long ordeal this year, Jean’s parents — Bertrum and Allison — and his brother, Brandt, taught us that our ability to make it through such trauma can be strengthened by the grace and mercy within us,” the editorial stated.

It declared that for their unwavering poise, fortitude and honesty in the aftermath of a loved one’s senseless death, the Jean family is a finalist for Texan of the Year.

The Brandt Jean embrace of Amber Guyger has attracted both praise and criticism on social media.

Some lauded his forgiving spirit while others expressed outrage that his action was tantamount to a ‘sell out’ and a move that undermined the seriousness of the problem of white police officers killing black people in the United States.


  1. wow..that mother’s grief is soo strong…cant see why ppl are so against brandt jean…i would not wish that kind of pain on no one..not even my worst enemy…may God see them through…especially the mother.

  2. Oh Lord ! Mama you deserve the only “award” OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS AND A PUBLIC APOLOGY NOTHING ELSE FOR THE LOSS OF YOUR SON. Anything other than that tell them put their award where the sun don’t shine waayyy up there. After the they CHARACTER ASSINATE your son saying he was on drugs, they found weed in his apartment all kind of things that were not true and tried their outmost to tear him down, destroy and discredit your good child character now they want to give you an award ??? Like really ?? Tell them hold their ass it’s another Christmas without your son. You see that Bawy that went and hug that woman………………Jah know Star.

  3. This is starting to become a mockery more and more….Texan of the year in which they never had citizenship in the first place.

  4. My God them white folks know how to use psychology to manipulate the minds of fools.

    First that stupid boy go and hug his brothers killer, only to accept an award from the same police that killed his brother.

    This is not an achievement Brandt, that award belongs in the trash.

    Now you all about to get Played again to accept another recognition for being the fools that you all are.

    Instead of joining with the families of hundreds of black people getting shot everyday in America to fight police brutality,

    the slaves continue to joint with their master in the celebration of their own execution. Wow this is very troubling!

    I know what you thinking, we might get some money so we need to bow more.

    NO IDIOTS ! You don’t have to bow you gonna get money anyway, for wrongful death.

    You need to ask your self “ why are we so stupid?”

    I will tell you why, you a frigging slave!! it’s just that simple… and you are beyond are weak. In fact , you suffer from an inferiority complex.

    Take a stand idiots and have some principal !! Stop being used as the poster child for house negros. Because that’s what many people think you are!

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