Botham Jean’s Family Prepared To Testify Before Grand Jury

Family members of the late Botham Jean are currently in Dallas, where they are ready to be called on to testify before a Grand Jury, lawyers for the family have told local media.

However according to reports, it is uncertain whether they will be summoned.

Botham Jean was shot dead in his own apartment on September 6, 2018 by Dallas cop, Amber Guyger, who was arrested on a manslaughter charge and subsequently fired.

The Dallas Morning News quoted one of the Jean family lawyers, Lee Merritt, as saying that the family does have probative evidence about Botham’s day on that day because they spoke to him.

“They regularly interacted with him and that may be something the grand jury is interested in hearing about,” Merritt said.

The Dallas Morning News said that according to a law enforcement official with knowledge of the case,  the Dallas County Grand Jury heard evidence against Amber Guyger on Monday.

It quoted the official as saying that jurors will hear more evidence when they reconvene on Wednesday.

The jurors can vote to indict ex-officer Amber Guyger on a charge of manslaughter, murder or another charge in the shooting death of Botham Jean, or can also decide that Guyger should face no charges, the publication reported.

Jean family attorneys have said they would be surprised if the grand jury heard evidence beyond Wednesday.

Attorney Daryl K. Washington revealed that since Botham Jean’s tragic death, his family has not had a normal night’s sleep.

Officer Amber Guyger told authorities after she shot the 26-year old Saint Lucian that she mistook his apartment for hers and thought he was a burglar.

Her apartment was directly below Botham Jean’s unit.


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