Friday, September 30, 2022

Botham Jean’s Family Seeks Over $1M In New Wrongful Death Lawsuit

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The family of slain Saint Lucian Botham Jean is seeking over one million dollars in a wrongful death lawsuit against Southside Flats apartments in Dallas, Texas, where he lived, local reports say.

Jean’s parents and sister filed the lawsuit Tuesday in Dallas County district court.

According to, the lawsuit says that Southside Flats never fixed Jean’s door, which allowed  then off duty Dallas cop, Amber Guyger, to get into the apartment of the 26 year old.

“”Botham’s death occurred as a direct result of the faulty poorly maintained door and locking mechanism and the confusion with the layout of the Southside Flats,” quoted the lawsuit as saying.

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Amber Guyger fatally shot the unarmed Botham Jean in his own apartment on September 6, 2018, claiming that she mistook the apartment for hers and believed he was an intruder.

Her apartment was actually one floor below.

The lawsuit  said that the design of the building led to people parking on the wrong floor or entering the wrong apartment by mistake.

Amber Guyger was  fired from the Dallas Police Department, charged with murder and jailed for ten years in October, 2019 in connection with Jean’s death which sparked widespread demonstrations in his native Saint Lucia, the United States and other countries.

In December, a federal judge ruled that the city of Dallas was not liable for Guyger’s off-duty shooting, dismissing the city from a lawsuit brought by Botham Jean’s family.

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