Saturday, October 19, 2019

Botham Jean’s Mom Prepared For Long, Hard Fight For Justice

The mother of the late Botham Jean has vowed to stand up to ensure that justice is served in the fatal shooting of her son.

Allison Jean was the guest Tuesday on the Radio Caribbean International (RCI) programme – ‘She Speaks’.

“I know the fight is going to be hard. I know the fight is going to be long. But I owe it to my son because of what was done to him. He did not deserve it,” Mrs. Jean told the programme.

Botham Jean was shot dead in his own apartment on September 6, 2018 by then Dallas Police Officer, Amber Guyger.

Guyger was later dismissed from the force and indicted on a murder charge.

“He was not on the road. He was not walking. He wasn’t driving. He wasn’t running. Most of the other murders that you see in the United States you hear that they say ‘He had something that looked like a gun’ or ‘He had something that looked like a weapon.’ My son was just sitting on his couch waiting to watch a football match at 10 O’ clock and he did not see 10 O’ clock,” Allison Jean explained during the RCI interview.

She reached out to women who face challenges similar to hers.

“I want to also reach out to the parents who have lost their kids. I think of the mother of Kimberly de Leon,” Mrs. Jean stated.

The former Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education recalled that she worked with Kimberly de Leon at the ministry.

de Leon was killed by a single gunshot to the head at her home at Chef Harry Drive, Morne Fortune, Castries, on October 29, 2018.

“I think of all the mothers out there, regardless of what their sons were at the time, but losing a child is very, very difficult. You feel the pain in your womb, just like the day when you made that child. So it is very difficult. But I am encouraging them to hold on. There is hope,” she told RCI.

Jean disclosed that she could not have coped alone.

“If I had no trust, no faith, no confidence in God, I don’t know how I would be,” the grieving mother declared.

She advised women who face similar challenges to keep a small circle of persons on whom they can depend.

“I know people have friends, friends, friends. But during these difficult times, not many people stay around you because that is the time when you are in pain. That is the time when you are grouchy. That’’s the time when you are moody – so you will not get many people keeping in touch with you; people calling; people checking on you.”

“During that time, depend on your small circle – your very small network and continue to pray. That’s what works for me. I get a little bible plan that gives me inspiration every day. I read and get some comfort from that,” Jean observed.

“I have my moments when I burst out – when I cannot bear the pain anymore. I try not to even think very deeply about what happened because sometimes I feel as though I am going crazy. But I am told by my Counsellor that I should think about it and let it out. I am working on it,’ she disclosed.

“I am also working on  -sometimes the bouts of anger when I see my son’s murderer. When I see – especially when I see her in videos walking like a human being and I don’t have my son that I could hug and I can be with. So I have my moments. There are times before I go to bed that I just have to cry myself to sleep.”



  1. Ms Jean, If there’s one assurance I can give to you, it is that when all is said and done, even if the Courts fail you, as is quite possible in this dispensation, GOD’s justice always prevails.You are obviously a woman of faith. You have God’s providence and power at your disposal. You are fighting a righteous cause. And equally important , you have your loving son Botham watching over you from his vantage position in heaven.

  2. I have lost my first born Vistor Tracue Chad on 5th July 2015. Most times I feel the same as you especially when I see a young man as my son. He did not deserve dying this way. Up to this time the police is unable to find the actual murderer. My comfort comes only from the word of God because I am a strong believer in prayer. Years can go by but the memories live on. It sometimes feels like a dream but I know it’s a reality, I will never hear the voice of my son or hug my son again in this life. When I am on the road I look for him, when I am lying in my room I raise my head to the door way looking for him cause it was his habit sneaking on me to surprise me when he visits me on Saturday evening. Never again will I experienced those moments. The Murder has robbed him of his future. The feeling is indescribable. My younger son reminds me of him every second. Believe me I wish I can see my son again. I will keep you and your family in my prayers just hold on strong and keep the faith.
    Even if you don’t get justice in this life believe me you will when Christ comes.

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