Thursday, February 27, 2020

Brandt Jean Hug Declared ‘Moment Of 2019’ By US TV Station

Reporters at the ABC affiliated television station WFAA says when its reporters picked some of the top stories of 2019, they agreed that one moment stood out.

It was easy to embrace the hug between Brandt Jean and Amber Guyger as the moment of 2019, the television affiliate said.

Guyger was in October last year sentenced to ten years in jail for killing Brandt’s older brother, Botham, in September 2018.

It was a high profile trial of the former Dallas cop who claimed that she believed Botham’s apartment was hers and he was an intruder when she shot the unarmed 26 year old Saint Lucian national in his own home.

In a dramatic twist, Brandt Jean told the fired police officer in open court that he forgave her for killing his sibling.

He then asked permission from the trial Judge, walked towards the defence table where Guyger sat, and when she rushed towards him the two engaged in a tight embrace.

The moment went viral around the world, evoking both commendation and condemnation



  1. A foolish moment in 2019 and is shaping up so far to be the LAUGHING STOCK of 2020. Eleven more months to go, I was not proud then and I am not proud now. In other news there was an accident along…….

  2. Mr Brandt, you say you never looked at the hug on TV but they about to leave you a lasting impression you will never forget. They erecting a monument in your honor wow white folks make you famous boy! How stupid, boy ha! It’s because of you that settlement fell through the cracks.
    You’all want to forgive people but yet still you all want money, How?,.. Isn’t the act of forgiveness means let it go and move on my little Christian brother. Don’t worry sony boy your reward is in heaven with the white angels when you die it is not of this world carry on tu lu lu…Hey, there will be more house negro awards for you. You received the first house negro award in the history of black struggle. Now you about to receive the first house negro monument in the history of black struggle. Who knows you might be set to become the fist house negro plastered on Mount Rushmore along with the there presidents. You breaking all types of record Keep up the good work for massa all the best.

  3. This was no moment of spontaneity. This misguided simpleton wanted to thrust himself into the spotlight. This act has done nothing to change the racist attitude of the Dallas police or its people. Nothing was gained but to appease the people who uphold the unfair justice system and their deplorable police officers. This one act by this unthinking young man has unwittingly given courage to the racists to continue abusing, denigrating and killing black for they will most likely get off lightly and perhaps with a hug from a member of the victim’s family. There is nothing for St. Lucians or the downtrodden black folks in Dallas to celebrate.

  4. That boy is a joke at the rate this is going he will be in the hall of fame for house Negros. Sad to say, when a black man don’t know him self and the struggle he end up in situations like this.

  5. no matter wat url say he st. lucian…get over it…..chpz…da boy still eating n drinking…url eh like da boy but like url waiting when the headlines come to talk bad…chpz…

    • @ a white horse on a black track….it’s time you realize that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and stop talking horse poop

  6. Brant bravo!!! Remember they Cru cify Jesus. . He was a good man doing only good. The world is corrupt. They would have been happy if you had taken revenge.but you know better than them. They all Don’t love you . But Jesus love you and that is the key. . There is a great reward to those that trust God. Keep up the faith.

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