Bravo to release new song this week

Newsday:-  INTERNATIONAL cricketer and entertainer Dwayne Bravo will release a new song, Done The War, as well as a video, this week.

Bravo made this disclosure during an interview on Tuesday at the Queen’s Park Oval, St Clair.

Bravo gained global prominence for his 2016 release Champion, which coincided with the victorious campaigns for both the West Indies men’s and women’s teams at the 2016 ICC T20 World Cup in India. Other notable songs from the ex-WI all-rounder were Chalo Chalo in 2015 and Run D World in 2018.

“Definitely I’ll continue with my music,” said the 35-year-old.

Of his new tune, he said, “I’m calling on the people of TT to really unite and put down the guns, stop the bloodshed and the fighting amongst ourselves.

“I’ll continue to do music,” he added, “but cricket will always be first priority.”

Bravo urged TT and regional cricket fans to support the 2018 ICC Women’s T20 Cup, which will take place in Guyana, St Lucia and Antigua/Barbuda from November 9-24.

“Go out in your numbers and support it,” said Bravo. “We know women’s cricket always have a struggle, where fans (are) concerned. They don’t get the kind of turnout that the guys get, they don’t get paid like the guys get. I’m always an advocate for women’s cricket.

“Everybody enjoys touring the Caribbean. I encourage the people of those (countries) and in Trinidad who can make it to these (places), to go out there and support it. Let’s see if we can win another title.”

The outspoken Bravo does not want to join the list of prominent ex-cricketers to make the transition from players to match commentators.

“I will never do commentary,” he declared. “That’s something I’ve promised myself. I know you must never say never, but when you’ve finished playing and you go into that commentary box, you seem as though you (know) it all, and that’s not good.

“Yes it’s an opportunity where you can highlight, publicly criticise and analyse, but, being an ex-player, I don’t want to be sounding like sour grapes or (one who) knows it all. It’s a bit crazy up in that box and I’ll rather stay far away from that box.”

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