Brawl at Gros Islet – two injured

Two men were hospitalized after a brawl at Gros Islet, the Saint Lucia Fire Service has reported.

Acting Divisional Officer Jermaine William told the Times that at minutes to eleven O’ clock last night a call was received from the Police at the Gros Islet Fire Station.

“The nature of the call was a chopping which involved two males,” William disclosed.

He said the Fire Service responded with an ambulance and a fire unit.

“On arrival on the scene the officers encountered the two individuals still entangled in the brawl,” William recalled.

He explained that the two were separated and the more seriously injured of the two was treated.

According to the Fire Service official, the patient sustained lacerations to the head, a possible skull fracture and lacerations to the forearm and wrists.

William said the other individual involved in the brawl was removed from the immediate vicinity and treated, while the one with the more serious injuries was transported to Victoria Hospital.

He disclosed that the man had to be restrained because he was still in a ‘combative’ state.

“The other individual was transported by the police to the Gros Islet polyclinic and later transferred to Victoria Hospital,”  William said.