Monday, November 18, 2019

Break In At Criminal Records Office

Police are investigating a break in at the Lamar Building on Bridge Street,Castries  on the floor that houses the Criminal Records Office, the Writ Department and the Vulnerable Persons Unit (VPU), law enforcement sources have confirmed.

The break in at all three offices is said to have taken place some time last week.

A law enforcement official told St Lucia Times that the intruders are believed to have taken some petty cash and ‘personal effects’.

The official said no other items appear to have been removed.

But the official reported that there was an unsuccessful attempt to get into a vault where ‘warrant money’ is kept.





  1. If someone or persons can break into a police department and cannot be caught then wah!!!! Where does that leave the ordinary citizen? Imagine the cops can’t solve a crime when it hits dem u fink is yours they will solve? That’s a test for them lets us see who they will catch I waiting for the news to hear.

  2. I agree, inside job
    Someone paid some money for records to disappear. Maybe its the records for the officer that kill his wife.

    • Do u even know what you’re saying? The CRO keeps records of people who have been convicted of a crime. So what the hell are u taking about. People seriously need to educate themselves before they open their mouth

  3. What else more can happen,with our police force.What a disaster,this is an inside job,apart from the money,the most bothering thing are the police records.I believe all this department has to be restructured completely,all the records department has to be placed,under civilian control,we need to create a intelligence center,of specially trained profesional that are not policemen,we have to separate tasks,and responsabilities,and have like a super force,with a super inteligence

  4. Inside job. Heard passports were stolen. That happen since Christmas. Stale news. Not a word, not a word. Commissioner of police is keeping quiet. More corruption in the police force.

  5. The most valuable documents that were there to be stolen are the pasports.These are worth from US 2.000 to US 5000 depending the face of the customer.Shame to many are involved in this ilicit trade.The last big scandal were the 15 Cubans caught in St Maarten,three years ago by the french navy,they all had beautifull St Lucia pasports,and were heading for the Cayman islands and from there jump to Miami.Just to give you an idea of what goes on.I dont believe it made the news in St Lucia,and if it did who cares?

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