Saturday, February 22, 2020

Break-In At Saint Lucia Opposition Leader’s Office

Police are investigating a break-in at the office of the leader of Saint Lucia’s opposition, Philip J. Pierre.

The beak-in at the High Street, Castries office was discovered by a staff member Thursday morning upon reporting for work.

It was found that the office had been ransacked.

An initial assessment indicates that foodstuff in a drawer and other items stored in a refrigerator were taken.

“I am not speculating,” the leader of the opposition told St Lucia Times regarding the incident.

Pierre explained that he was more concerned about his staff who were shaken by the incident.

The Castries East MP praised the police whom he said had responded promptly and acted professionally.


  1. So PM Pierre Where is the cctv Boss ? I will donate one to you. Well we all know as well as the police the culprit or culprits had one thing in common they all wore yellow. Looking for dirt they can’t find to vilified you in everyway everyday.

    • Really? Its that simple huh? Lets wait for the investigation and see whats what beofre we jump to conclusions

  2. Let’s hope these politicians/judiciary/law enforcement now realise ALL the good citizens of this country are vulnerable to this scourge we’re facing. And hopefully as it gets closer to home they will actually do something about it.

  3. 😅 Were simply looking for the stolen stash of money. Fellas…feel free to check his house of jabal place. As you can see…was done by low-life hungry people lol SLP breed them. 😄 they wasn’t in search of documents.. all files are still there. 😄

  4. I Hope that this will be a wake up call to our leaders, sometimes as a you g man I wonder if they are listening to our complains. How could you guys call your selves leaders and not put partism aside for a moment and deal with the crime that is affecting the youts like my is coming to the point where I will be forced to get my tool to protect me and my family cause the government is not sending any serious message to the criminals. To conclude I will just say” it is sad”.

  5. I do agree with the cctv comment though. A public figure such as Mr. Pierre should have had that in his office ages ago.

    • ….but what’s troubling is the fact that major electronic components were left in tact, so what were they really searching for ?? These were no petty thieves they were looking for something “specific” PM Pierre I tell you already there are Judas amongst you, put everything in a safe deposit box in the bank until the election draws near.

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