Monday, February 17, 2020

Break In Reported At Gros Islet Secondary School

Saint Lucia police are investigating a break in at the Gros Islet Secondary School, which is suspected to have taken place Sunday morning, law enforcement officials have confirmed.

An assessment of what was actually taken by the intruders is currently underway, St Lucia Times was informed.

It was not immediately clear how the intruders gained entry to the school, which is provided with security personnel, and entered the office of the Vice Principal and other areas of the learning institution, an official disclosed.

One report suggests that the school’s computers were untouched.

Just last month 25 school security guards were officially sworn in as Special Police Constables by Police Commissioner, Severin Moncherry.

At the time Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Department Of Education, Innovation and Gender Relations, Michelle Charles, explained that school security has become a source of  major concern.

She noted that there have been a number of thefts  at schools and some security officers have been ‘critically injured’ on the job.


  1. No security guards needed….. IMPLEMENT A SHOCKING SYSTEM AT THE SCHOOLS. NO ONE HAS BUSINESS AT THE SCHOOLS AT SUCH ODD HOURS…..who take plock for having no business there wins the call….ha ha ha. Crime must stop….

  2. What did they hope to find? Schools don’t have large sums of cash, I think that they wanted books to read.
    And years ago Bill Cosby the convicted felon told Fox’s news that if you want to hide anything of value from a black man put it in a book, because black men don’t read and are allergic to books, not our thugs in St.Lucia, they are Rhode Scholars.

  3. I sure is them beausejour tii negs higher up the road that doing these things ,such them officer

  4. Is that what a security deserve for losing sleep and putting their life on the line 4;25 cents working 12 hour shifts well that is what Guardsman are paying the guards at the Owen King Hospital and other dangerous locations is that not exploitation of our people what can 51 dollars a day working 12 hour shifts for a man the government and the labour department needs to to something about that

  5. What’s the matter with these unlawful citizens who are bent on destroying their own island. The schools are already in great need of adequate supplies and these idiots makes a bad situation worst by breaking in…God help.

  6. It these lazy fools are not behaving themselves, and are destroying what good citizens have laboured so hard to put together, well put a life wire 24hrs. on weekends and holidays and school vacations, schools days 6 to 6, then, and only then we will prevail!

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