Thursday, February 27, 2020

Senior citizen dies from suspected suicide

A Soufriere resident, identified as Jean, died today as a result of suspected suicide.

According to reports, Jean’s body was found hanging from a rope in his home.

He was believed to be in his 70’s.

The incident occurred in Soufriere.


  1. Hard times hitting many people whiles the the rich capitalist crooks live the good life in cap estate rodney bay and bornne terre we need a revoulution in st lucia to give the black people ownership of the lands and to drive chastanet and the du boulay family and all expatriates out of the landscape of st lucia

  2. Why when something happen in st.Lucia, Allan Chastanet has to be blame ?….. Why don’t you SLP supporters face reality and stop blaming UWP this won’t solve crime. We Saint Lucians need to get our act together to make a better Saint Lucia. I’m not for neither party …just stating my point

  3. Remember today is all fool’s day hope that not a prank and ppl stop government whether it’s the present or opposition for everything

  4. Rest in peace Mr ten and two ,you alone know what you could have Stan .may the family get the strength to go through this trying times, hope you can come together and comfort each other.

  5. We are so politically bent having politicians cloud our minds. Befire anything happen its this person or this person. We dont blame oursekves as bad parents, fathers who never turn back to care the kids we planted. We dump are parents who worked hard and went beyond the point of call to bring us up. We throw rubbish every where and we grow with no live and manners…….. then its this person and that person who carries the blame. Lucians wske up have a little more love and stop the negative mind. Take your children to church this morning and beyond especially the fathers.

  6. The sooner we stop the speculation before the facts come out, about things gone wrong, the better our nation will be. I could well be as the result of someone’s speculation this happen. Take responsibility for country and community and stop making statements and comments you have no proof of and the life you may save could very own or a family member.

  7. Strike a balance here. Before it was Kenny,Kenny and Kenny so why you all now dont want to call Chastanet,Chastanet and Chastanet.He is the

  8. Mr or Ms or Mrs anonymous. The man had no cancer. The man was diabetic and was amputated so if u have none to say shut the hell up.. all those bomb blasting chastnent and du boulay please leave the people out of that.. too much contraversy.. no politics in the man taking his life.. frustration may be the cause.. Simon Jean my condolences to u and family. Be strong my brother.. life goes on…

  9. I blame KDA,.I am sorry this man died but there will be even more as people will fight to saty alive after Allen destroys this country

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