Saturday, December 14, 2019

Shooting at Bois D’Orange

A motorcyclist, said to be in his late 20’s to early 30’s is reported to have been wounded this morning when masked assailants in a white Toyota Corolla alighted from their vehicle and opened fire at him.

The motorcyclist sustained a gunshot wound to the arm and fled the scene, eyewitnesses say.

According to eyewitness reports, the motorcyclist was heading towards Castries when the attack took place at Bois D’Orange.

After being shot, the motorcyclist fell to the ground, eyewitnesses say.

truck with bullet hole shooting in bois dorange st lucia
Truck shown with bullet hole.

It is reported that there were 2 occupants in the white Corolla, both of whom wore masks.

According to information obtained by the Times, the vehicle had no license plates.

A waste disposal truck which happened to be in the area at the time was also hit by a stray bullet.

The bullet went through the windscreen. However, the driver of the truck was unharmed.

The incident occurred around 6:30 a.m.


  1. Well that should not be hard to find. Just describe the vehicle the gunman had, then persue any vehicle with 2 men in it. If only I was there, I’d take pictures of it for the cops

  2. Eye witness should have been dead because st Lucia police will sell I’ll out let the useless officers do there jobs if was drugs they would know everything’s ng

  3. It would have been nice to mow down the shooters with that big truck. Down with all gun-toting bandits!

  4. so is like that innocent people dying the bullet went through another vehical wow st lucia simply bueatiful what a mess this island has become so sad smh.

  5. To be honest, guns cost money, especially those sophisticated ones, and has to be funded by someone. The someone is the big boys of society . . . the lawyers, the business owner, hoteliers, etc. They are the real perpetrators of crime in this country.

    The shooters are just foot soldiers.

  6. If there were traffic patrols a vehicle with no licence plates would hav been stopped an a crime averted

  7. Well it is a targeted shooting. The guy who got shot should be tortured till he spills out all the truth. Eventually others tortured also and we would know ho the big men, lawyers, businessmen in society who are the main men behind all these guns and drugs on the streets.

  8. Too much lawlessness! How’s it that these perpetrators felt comfortable and confident to drive daylight time without license plates? This happens because of police ineptitude and lack of sufficient mobile and foot patrols. It’s also due to citizens’ indifference. People would see a vehicle without plates and wouldn’t alert the police. Crime affects all so it’s everybody’s business. See something, say something!

  9. Thank you vibz, you could not have said it better. Firstly, the government need to increase on police manpower and put strategic plans in place whether it is traffic plans, an increase in patrol, a community shut down where all houses are searched etc

  10. That’s why we need CCTV all over the place so we can put those culprits behind bars. Also implementing capital punishment perhaps leather injections. Triple the jail time so they die behind bars. Slow poisen their asses in jail. Sell their body organs overseas for large sums of money and use the funds to help the victim families. Something needs to be done cause it’s getting out of hand.

    • Dumbest rationale ever. Give everybody a gun and see how much chaos we would have when every Tom, Dick and Harry who gets their little feelings hurt decide to buss shots in retaliation. Nonsense!

  11. Like the previous writer said. This was probably a targeted hit. A little good old fashioned persuasion techniques on the victim, should produce the culprits in this case. The victim knows what he done to piss-off dem boys. Spill the beans Nigger!

  12. D police never in d right place at the time they should be there…..they tell u call d police by d time dem mun self reach who dead dead who injured badly injured….nuff time u calling d police they telling u wrong number……or go to d station…lol….so u have to serve and protect urself….give everybody a gun… u can keep track of serials and bullet casings….now d criminals cannot threaten u with a bullet because b4 they talk they them self get about 6 already…..that time a bystander can put 2 in too (Words deleted)

    • @Dizzy
      Were you dizzy while you were writing this indecipherable gibberish? Japan has some of the strictest gun laws . Do you hear of many murders in Japan? In the United States guns are easily accessible. Almost every home has guns yet many thousands are murdered each year by the very gun which should be used for protection. Stop your unadulterated nonsense.

  13. That’s the Storm we all have to weather. And stop complaining what the government is to and not to. Lots of eggs have to be broken before omlet have to be made. Stop asking government to put things in place to cut down crime when you’ll are the very same ones distroying it complaining it because our minds are all corrupted. Every body blaming every body when you really checked it no one’s to blame but our tongue.. It’s too loose.

  14. These days police officers always sick, or not going to court or canot find the file jackets, them policecso corrupt in this little Island, too bad it is a shame , some police officers canot even spell , bunch of young children, joining the force, and canot do the work, I am so sick, up to my guts with them, and the court system, Shame on this Island,

  15. Look who, they put HERMON, wat u expect, Drugs money all of them looking for, u calling a police officer , telling them there is a breakin going on, they telling u, we dont have vehicle, but tell them a shipment of drugs just go in a man house, they reach with a vehicle in seconds, because is pay day for them, they will have money in their pockets, and to go buy new vehicle, this goverment need to do they home work, ,,,,, stop fighting the little man on the streets, get the big fish in the police force, lawyers and ministers

  16. We need to retake our LITTLE ISLAND BACK ! Put me in charge of ministry of national security . We will clean our streets of those thugs and give our police officers the right to use deadly force if they feel threatened.

  17. To enact proper control measures, police need to adopt a “shoot first, ask questions later”, mentality. The crooks need to have fear instilled into them. It is them that should fear for they lives, not us the law abiding public. Shoot one and leave the body where it drop for a few hours in de heat till it bloat. Others shall be witness to carcass they dey think twice before they pull crime. Enough already! need drastic measures to halt crime make island safe again.

  18. Well said Anonymous. It’s the Big heads them that funding an distributing the firearms to the ghetto yutes to do dirty work for them while’s the yutes killing each other. At the end of the day some of the youth like wat they doing cause they like the bling,rides, parties the life style so they doing some stupid (Word deleted)… 1 more thing nothing happens for nun…

  19. As much as i agree that dizzy is a rambling idiot, he made one good point. When calling the police you’d expect to be able to call 911/999. I’ve tried.. They told me that’s the wrong number… Call central police station instead…. The woman then tried to recite a number and said she didn’t know it and told me hold on while she goes to get it. Then eventually when she came back, gave me some 45##### number. Calling central they said that’s the wrong department, i have to call some other department instead. What kind of retarded (Word deleted) is our police force system using. If it was an emergency.. Everyone involved would be dead and the police would be annoyed that you made them answer the phone

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