British Airways Returns To Saint Lucia

Press Release:-  Another important market has opened its doors to Saint Lucia. The arrival of British Airways just about 2:48 p.m. into Hewanorra International Airport (UVF) on Sunday July 26, has sparked yet another positive sign for the tourism industry.

The UK market is Saint Lucia’s second largest market following the USA. 

A combined total of 270 visitors and nationals disembarked the aircraft with 65 transiting to the neighbouring Caribbean island of Saint Vincent.

The remaining 205 made their way to Nurses Stations where they were required to sanitize hands and have their temperatures checked prior to entry.

They also went through additional screening prior to advancing to immigration and customs. 

Since the arrival of the first commercial flight on July 9th, Port Health Authorities have been enforcing and adhering to the strict protocols in place for travel to the island. 

The arrival of British Airways is the first commercial flight from the UK since the closure of the borders in March, and this for us is continued growth of the tourism sector especially at this juncture. British airways will also set the tone for other commercial carriers from that market and we want to reassure the public that all of our efforts to combat the virus into the island are calculated.”  Said Tourism Minister – Hon. Dominic Fedee 

The Saint Lucia Tourism Authority has been keeping the destination top of mind to travelers and raising awareness of travel protocols to international markets.

To celebrate the reintroduction of British Airways, two Lucky families were gifted on arrival with a 4-night stay for 2 from Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort and the Bay Gardens Beach Resort. 

With the tourism industry bouncing back from the devastating impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Health and Safety is paramount during this pilot phase as all efforts are geared towards protecting local communities from the possible transmission of COVID-19.

Locals and visitors alike are required to follow all regulations when in Saint Lucia as failure to do so could result in stringent penalties.

Travelers to Saint Lucia from countries outside the Travel Bubble are reminded to obtain a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test prior to arrival in Saint Lucia and to prefill the mandatory Arrival Form by visiting


  1. Nothing to celebrate here as our inept Cabinet (Cockalorum) failed to secure Virgin Atlantic remaining in St Lucia.

    They claim VA was asking for too much concession (we don’t know that) but what concessions were given to BA after VA announced no return to UVF!!!!

    Could BAs concession actually be more than VA as BA knew VA had already officially pulled out of UVF and we were between a rock and a hard place!?

    That’s what happens when we elect amateurs (Allen) to office and these amateurs don’t consult professionals.

    PM wants to run the country like a business yet he has absolutely no track record of running a successful business.

    • smdh well since you such a professional at running a business and maybe also a country then maybe you should be the prime minister and do everything right how you want

  2. G.W and John, lets be objective (or try to be) can either of you disclose VAs concessionary demands in the negotiations which the Gov could not fulfil?

    In addition, can either of you disclose what concessions the Gov agreed to in the BA negotiations?

    Finally, name and disclose the accounts of one SUCCESSFUL business Allen initiated?

    Just one SUCCESSFUL business he created from scratch, only one, did I say just one!

    • i dont have to name nothing because its obvious that you were there in the meetings and know VAs concessionary demands in the negotiations which the Gov could not fullfil and concessions the Gov agreed to in the BA negotiations it seems you already have all that information and you that should have been the prime minister and knows what is best for our country

      Allan chastanet is not a one man team he has other ministers and people he consults with to make a proper decision but all you people do is speak negative things about the man who is really trying to bring us forward, i will admit the guy is not perfect like the rest of humans are but give the man a damn chance and move on his back

    • WELL SAID !! You think he easy ?? He was paying (fact) AA US $20 million a year to come down back in the day when he was tourism minister Lord knows how much he is paying them now plus Jet Blue and BA they will never say how much untill we throw their asses out then it will be revealed that’s why the tourist board went broke under him and that trickle down and mash up jazz. This man cost this country billions and look who is the PM today; and he still giving us the SHAFT EVEN MORE. This man will go down is St Lucia’s History as the PM that place St Lucia in irreversible debt.

      • you do realize that you have to spend money to make money right? if he was paying them that money then that money was simple replaced by visitor taxes and also the money they inject in our economy when these tourist buy our local products and service so the country still makes its money and if he is such a bad pm then why did recently the world bank said that we were doing well? i would believe that this is the opposite of irreversible debt

  3. Its a shame that we that voted them never get to know how they negociate these deals,Most of us feel used,by voting and as one of you say shafted,I like that one,

  4. …GW (Gone with the wind) where did you get that report from ?? Go and read what the Caribbean Development Bank has to say about St Lucia fiscal state or go to Bloomberg and read about St Lucia’s Financial Index you must be loosing your mind, that man is worst than the plague on our economy

  5. I think st.Lucians are hypocritical of the prime minister AA was gone under Kenny Anthony,the people of St.Lucia when they hate someone everything that person does is wrong.The last prime minister did so much bobo got away practical murder so to speak ,but the people of st lucia like crooks &Robbers .God has a way with dealing with ungrateful people he will give them exactly what they deserve,watch and wait.concerned citizen.

  6. ….you dam right AA went under The Honorable Dr. Kenny Anthony . When The Right Honorable Phillip J Pierre took control of the helm from this current extruded product he told AA the country will not be held hostage so take a hike and so they did until their “sucker” returned once more to burn a hole in our pockets now here we are broke as ever.

  7. Awa wee St. Lucian! A whole bunch of jokers to be taking politicians for the personal matters. Like seriously. Aa padon!

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