British National Dies In Suspected Electrocution In Saint Lucia

Press Release:–  About 4:30 p.m. on Friday, August 16, 2019, officers responded to a report of a suspected electrocution in the general area of the John Compton Dam, Roseau.

On arrival an unresponsive male was discovered by officers. A medical practitioner was summoned to the scene, who pronounced him dead.

He was formally identified by relatives as sixty eight (68) year old Martin Ellis, a British National, vacationing on island. 

A post mortem examination is scheduled for Monday, August 19, 2019, to determine the cause of death.

An update will be provided in this matter in due course.


  1. John Compton dam is not in Roseau. It’s in Millet . Its built on the upper course of the Roseau River.

    • The entire valley is called the Roseau Valley hence why the river which runs through is called the roseau river.

    • I don’t particularly think ‘oh well’ is a sympathetic way to respond to my uncles tragic death. Take a good look at yourself and think about your words please.

      • If this is your attitude toward a tragedy that doesn’t involve you, how would you deal with insensitive comments made towards an accidental death involving your family? Simply take you and your outright disgusting, disrespectful comments and hell wish this never happens to you. Insensitive, disgraceful comments.

  2. Oh Damn! Wait until this hits the tabloids back in the UK. Another Brit dies in St. Lucia. Stay away! They’re killing Brits.

    • There was nothng visible sayng was a restricted area and none of the people thet met who worked there said this either.

  3. Martin Ellis family. My deepest condolences goes out to each and everyone of you.

  4. My deepest regrets to the Ellis family.How all this happened is terrible.We St Lucians are to blame for this event.Forgive us please,we are cheap and reckless,we dont pay attention we work like robots just for the miserable salaries they give us and dont care a fluck,about tomorrow.

      • Signage or not…..common sense would dictate that you just dont drive up and decide to go site seeing at a country’s main water source. Now his sons know to not try this anywhere else

    • Ok, I have visited the damn on more than one occasion when I was at school. Were we doing something illegal ? hmmm

  5. Condolences to the Ellis family and in particular his sons.

    Such a tragic end to a vacation is rather sad and not easily dealt with by his family and friends.

    Be strong and comfort each other as much as possible.

  6. I knew Martin and he was one of the loveliest men I ever met, a wonderful father to his three sons and a loving husband. This is a terrible tragedy and people making crass, insensitive comments need to take a long hard look at themselves. My deepest condolences go out to all of Martin’s relatives and friends. As for his sons, this is clearly a deeply upsetting, traumatising event, but perhaps in time they will take solace in knowing they had a truly wonderful father.

  7. I will answer you LUCIAN high grade,when I say we are to blame,listen carefully,some guy thought he was doing a good job running wires inside a old rotten galvanized pipe,because his boss decides that EC 400 dollars is to much to spend on new wires that run the electricity from the control board to the boat ramp.So here we are with a dead man,lets wait for the autopsi please.It does not matter what he was doing up there,because hundreds of St Lucians come every month,to this spot climb the steps and look at the water and take selfies.There are no signs placed there,prohibiting you from being there.Tomorrow Monday there will be signs plus security guards barricading all acces to the site.Mr Ellis should not have been there,but he should still be alive.We cant be so reckless,this is a burner for all,but dont worry the vultures are rejoicing at the oportunity,that our stupidity has given them.This is going to cost us millions that we all are going to pay,you to Mr High profile

    • While the owners of the dam may overlook some security details it is incumbent on people to protect their own lives. Should signs for the dam also include “dangerous snakes on premise so do not touch what looks like a fer de lance?” And maybe erect a fence that they can’t get in. So you see that whereas government and society may fail to warn you it is your responsibility to protect your life.

  8. Im just wondering,he had no shirt or shoes,I would hate to think that the man went for a swim in the dam,before he passed away.Lets see what answeres we get from the police.I just remember they spent thousands on new cameras all over the dam,lets hope they were working? Now its lawyers time,we cooked.

  9. He was wearing a pair of sandals and his tee shirt was rolled up to his arm pits,he never touched the water.Who ever manages the Dam is responsible for this death.The electrical instalation put there 27 years ago ,when we had practically no regulations,should have been changed,brakers should have been instaled,and a proper electrical instalation should have been put,by profesionals.Ironically the Welcome to the John Compton Dam .sign that is placed at the entrance of the dam,just shows were we stand.Shame to all of us,we cant stop the snakes,that is their breeding ground,and we are the invaders.But we have to be dum to leave live wires in a metal pipe nailed to a wall.

  10. My condolence to the family. But wrong is wrong. What was he doing up there?. This is dangerous. Some mean person could get up there and kill the whole population. So as a citizen of st. Lucia, I disagrees with the victim being there. This is private property and this area should have been respected. There are all kinds of people and the way they think. It could be that a snake bite him and he was then he got shocked. There is a possibility, this area is dangerous. Tourist like to tresspass and the next thing you know, there is a video about our water storage all over. Stay in you’ll lane. Faire mwen che

  11. I met his 2 of his sons on holiday: they were nice boys, the whole incident is very sad, my condolences to his family. Amen

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