British National Identified As Victim In Piat Homicide

Saint Lucia recorded its first homicide for this year with the death Sunday of a British national, police have confirmed.

Police have identified the deceased as Robert ‘Bob’ Hathaway.

According to a senior law enforcement official, Hathaway’s body was found at his home in Piat, Grande Riviere, Gros Islet, by a neighbour.

The body is said to have been covered with blood.

A report of the discovery of the British national’s body was made about 1:30 p.m, the senior law enforcement official told St Lucia Times.


  1. Homicides have become a frightening norm in St. Lucia. There are no new initiatives to reduce this trend to a negligible level. You cannot expect to do the same things and expect a different result. That is the definition of insanity. Rid the country of the lame, ineffective, do-nothing Hermanguilt Francis. As long as he is the Minister of National Security, things will only deteriorate. I’m sure he has the dubious record as the most homicides committed under his watch, in the shortest time, as a Minister of National Security. The Minister is dead from the neck up. The ordinary citizens should shut down Castries on a busy day to demand better and agitate for the immediate sacking of Minister Herman-Guilt Francis.

  2. Is it he that committing the crimes ? Is it he or the government that sending those criminals to do what they doing? If you were in government would you do better? Idiot .

  3. Is it he that causing the crimes in the country? Is it the government that sending those criminals to do what they’re doing? How much an idiot are you as a citizen of this country if you were in government would you do better? Idiot.

    • When the SLP was in power the UWP leader stated that only he can handle crime! So far the Murder rate has ogreatly increased under their watch. Are we not supposed to comment on the situation now that the shoe is on the other foot? Because i remember quite rightly Phillip La Corbierne get his blow on this very site.

      • No government on its own can curb crime. However, with the SLP there were no sign of them doing anything to help curb the situation. Non whatsoever. That a fact. Our then PM once begged the criminals to us a break for the Christmas season. Now we are definitely seeing the effort of this government in an attempt to help curb the crime situation in this country. That is the difference between the 2 administrations.

      • @Truth Being Told
        I think you need to check your glasses because i do not see any worthwhile “EFFORT” in their attempt with the crime situation. They had a crime symposium in march last year , none of the strategies has been implemented. 2017 their first full year in charge was the highest murder rate in this country’s history 60 murders! These are facts! the difference is that this current administration politicized crime and are performing worse than their predecessors! Fact

  4. Never take a woman that you dont really know to your house no matter how good she looks.First thing she will do as soon as she goes through the front door,is look around all your premises and make an evaluation of all you have,this will give her information,she will go to your icechest and look at all what is inside there,to work out what it is you eat every day,and the quality and standard of your food.That will tell her,your standard of life,wich is tied to your wallet,and most importantly to what is inside it.She will have all this organized in her head,so once she has left,she will tell her friends scum baggs,that sit by the side of the road all day,and never work.That there is a good and easy job to do on your house,how to enter,what there is to take,and at what time is the best to visit the premises. She will take a cut Life and fun is complicated these days,read and learn,from a old fox

  5. Violent crime is just a symptom of a larger problem and one can’t keep talking about crime without addressing corruption at all levels in this country which we seem to tolerate and encourage through our silence. All crime is connected. That’s a fact we have to acknowledge.

  6. Vibz Is it Mr. Francis and the Government who sends people to commit the crimes? It’s wicked persons like “You and your friends” who commits the crimes in this Country and blames it on others. Stop your wicked ways! Anyone who commits a crime in this Land should know “GOD IS WATCHING” He is a Risen GOD!!

  7. I am going thru extreme hardships and i have not stolen, prostituted myself or killed someone as an excuse for what i am going thru.
    caribbean governments are a popularity contest so the people in there most times dont know what the hell they are doing. and the corruption among all of them cripples the islands. they are dumb theives.
    do i use that excuse to commit crimes? hell no
    the people of the country are responsible for the crime rate. and we are also responsible for the harships we go thru because firstly we fought for independence, the dumbest thing we ever did, we put these diplomatic ignorants in power and all we do is talk, including me.
    but i wont succumb to crimes.

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