Thursday, September 29, 2022

Brooklyn Subway Attack Suspect Held Without Bail

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The man accused of unleashing a barrage of gunfire on a subway train in New York City will be held without bail until trial on federal terror charges.

Frank James, 62, appeared in court on Thursday, for allegedly violating a law barring “terrorist attacks or other violence” against mass transit systems.

He was apprehended following a huge manhunt for the lone suspect behind the attack, which injured 23 people.

Mr James did not enter a plea. His lawyer requested a psychiatric report.

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If convicted he faces life behind bars.

Mr James “committed a heinous and premeditated attack on ordinary New Yorkers during their morning subway commute”, said US Attorney Breon Pearce in a statement announcing the charges.

Police alleged Mr James donned a gas mask and threw two smoke grenades on the floor of a Manhattan-bound N train before opening fire around 8:30am (12:30 GMT) local time on Tuesday.

He is accused of shooting 10 people and injuring at least another 13.

The suspect escaped after the attack, police said, but left behind several personal items connected to Mr James, including a key to a U-Haul van that he had rented, and a bank card with his name on it.

There was also a Glock 9mm handgun legally purchased in Ohio under the name “Frank Robert James”.

Mr James reportedly called police himself to report his whereabouts on Wednesday, US media said, citing sources in law enforcement.

The suspect, who had recent addresses in Philadelphia and Milwaukee, had nine prior arrests in New York and three in New Jersey, police said on Wednesday.

No details about Mr James’ alleged motive have yet been provided.

According to prosecutors, Mr James published a variety of videos online making statements about the New York City subway system, occasionally addressing New York City Mayor Eric Adams as he complained about the “homeless situation” on subway cars.

In one video, prosecutors said, Mr James said: “And so the message to me is: I should have just gotten a gun, and started shooting.”

Source: BBC News

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  1. I’m just railing against what I perceive to be a “two tier” approach to crime by “blacks”.
    If a black is harmed especially if by a white, well look out! It’s all hands on deck, marches, protests, all high profile blacks out in full force. Seeking revenge, seeking justice.

    But when a black commits the crime. The black community becomes quiet as a “church mouse”.
    Shhhh don’t make a sound, this is counter productive to our “woe is me” black agenda. No marches, no body high profile blacks speaking out. Why isn’t “Ben Crump” offering his legal services to this black mass killer? Doesn’t fit Ben’s blame the white guy agenda? I don’t see monkey faced “Al Sharpton” peeking over the shoulder of this criminal. Al’s face is everywhere if there’s the possibility that the blame may lie with a white guy, especially a cop.
    Id’s respect blacks more, if it’s a black or white criminal, the outrage remains the same.

  2. The last time I checked the devil is a Sprite, so your statement says alot about the evil in this present world.

  3. You are so right Paleface. Black people seem to have a problem with being held accountable for their actions and failed culture. A failed race. Why are blacks disliked by all other races ? That’s not a hard question to answer, we must examine black culture and society.

  4. Paleface, white people hate us because this is what they were conditioned to do. More white people commit crimes of this nature than blacks. This one however is a product of severe mental illness, his action was in fact terrorism and a very radical form of protest against the system.

    White people will just kill you because you look at them wrong. Not condoning what this black man did but stop painting these whites from the US like they are angels.

    • LOL people commit crimes because of sin and not because of race. The Lord created one race. Ask the government to stop all the people you call white from coming to the island and see what will happen to you and your love ones.

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