Brother Of Shooting Victim Forgives On Behalf Of Grieving Family

Seventh Day Adventist Pastor Quigley Maurice says his family is extending forgiveness to the person or persons who shot his brother, Victor Maurice, on Sunday.

Quigley told HTS News Evening News this week that the victim, although stable, is still not out of the woods.

He urged persons who have been praying for his brother to continue doing so.

“As the Maurices we are not seeking revenge but we are extending forgiveness to the man or men who carried out this brutal attack on our brother,” the SDA official told HTS.

Quigley Maurice

Noting that the family is hurting and needs healing, he explained that healing starts with offering forgiveness.

Quigley indicated that the family was flabbergasted over the shooting.

“This my friend we still cannot understand. My brother was not a drug dealer; did not have  any enemies – did not do anything to have suffered such a terrible and unfortunate incident,” he lamented.

The victim’s brother suggested that somebody’s money paid for the gun crime that resulted in the hospitalisation of Victor Maurice.

“Our brother is a gentleman; a wonderful human; being a  former civil servant who contributed quite a lot to the development of  the people of this country and it is sad to see the pictures with him lying on the ground near his residence,” Quigley told HTS Evening News.

He recalled that he has listened many times to people in this country criticising the police.

But Quigley declared that the Maurice family stands by the men and women of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force.

“We trust the police,” the SDA official declared.

He asserted that the men and women who serve in the force are our mothers, brothers, sisters, uncle aunts and family members.

The shooting victim’s brother said that successful policing cannot be achieved without the support of the community.

Quigley declared that all that is needed for bad people to flourish is for good people to remain silent.

“Well, good people in this country have remained silent too long,” he stated, while urging citizens to stop criticising the police and instead support them.

Quigley expressed gratitude to all the persons who called to support the family in its ordeal, revealing that by the following day after the shooting he alone had received more than 80 calls from places including the United States, Canada and around the Caribbean.

To the person or persons who carried out the attack, he said: “We are hoping by God’s Grace that you will some time talk to the police about what transpired on Sunday evening.”

According to reports, Victor Maurice had just arrived at his Balata home around 7.20 pm on Sunday when shots were fired at him.

The former Town Clerk and current Castries Constituency Council (CCC) Councillor was rushed to hospital soon afterwards.


  1. We all back the police force,hope they find the guy or guys , but more than that I would like to know why they tried to kill him ,you know just to clear the air .Then they can make dog food out of them. Please pastor dont get melodramatic,and say you forgive them,you love them,all that nonsence dosent stop these animals.from comiting crimes.

    • These vermin have to be caught and dealt with, using the full force fo the law. When termites are in a building, the termites have to be located and eradicated.

  2. I find the word ‘forgive’ has no substance nowadays. We just go around so easily ‘forgiving’ criminals yet our hearts are full of jealousy, hatred and envy for family, friends, neighbours and even co-workers. STOP THE NONESENSE

  3. Why do we seek to forgive one who has not acknowledged his or her wrongdoings? Shouldn’t forgiveness follow a confession? See 1 John 1:9. Isn’t it more appropriate to say that one does not hold feelings of revenge towards the criminal (s), rather than offering forgiveness before it is requested?

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